The Journey of 14 Years

Happy Anniversary!! I’ve channeled the Goddess of Creation in this twice a month teleconference for 14 years!! Amazing how the time passes.

The Goddess began this journey speaking of the anniversary.  As we grounded ourselves, Lady Gaia came forth to give us a message about the earth, the changes and how she is just fine!  She spoke of the communication that takes place between the earth, our galaxy and the universe.

From there, once in the All That Is, the Goddess spoke of what the past years has been about.  We could each feel what the energy was then and our journey to what it is today.  There have been massive changes!! For so long they said it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming……well it’s here!  We all have a much greater ease in linking with our divinity.  We can step into the time space reality to create change, manifest or release the past. 

We connected with the Central Spiritual Sun feeling the immensity and the balance it emanates.  So too we connected with the Moon.  Between the two we balanced the masculine sun with the feminine moon.  We’ve done this m any times and tonight’s experience lifted all the other times into a higher dimension.

She also spoke of our Merkabah’s. This is the energy matrix which transported us to earth when we first arrived as star beings.  This is available to us for use in shifting things now and re-aligning with source.

It’s a powerful channel speaking of what was, what it and potential for what  will be!


Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all who are here, all who have been a part of this process, whether it is this now time moment, or whether it is sometime in the future all is happening in this flow.  I thank you for joining me. 

Happy anniversary dear beloved world!  I the Goddess did not manifest into this consciousness until after the year 2000, because of the density of the vibration.  I have worked with Shelly since 2001 and then I let her have 2 years of adjustment and we went public as she calls it into 2003. 

I the Goddess speaking through Shelly is much, much bigger, and a much higher vibration then the Goddess that spoke through Shelly in 2003.  There are many reasons for this.  Number one is that the more that she and I work together our combined alignment was able to shift upward to a higher vibration. 

So too you have the Earth where so much is being cleansed in the collective consciousness that the Earth itself has ascended, which gives more support for my vibration to come into this space.  So too the world is ready. The world is hungry for change, for transformation and to feel the vibration of these energies that are associated with the All That Is.  

I believe in humanity.  I believe in all that has been taking place and I believe that where you are in this now moment is but a drop in the bucket to where you will be in the future.  I am not saying hundreds of years in the future I am saying as little as 3 to 5 years.  

I am considering if I want to continue to talk now or to do it in the All That Is.  I believe you will shift into the All That Is so each of you can see for yourself what your own journey has been and what the world’s journey has been. 

So I invite you to breathe in deeply sending that anchor of energy, that breath of energy down into the Earth, and as you link with the Earth reach out to Gaia.  In fact take a moment and discern how Gaia has changed and transformed over the last 14 years.

Gaia wished to speak and we are debating again.  All of these other conversations are going on in the back of Shelly’s consciousness and she is just trying to say okay whenever you’re ready to speak, speak. 

Lady Gaia Speaks:

So I Gaia wanted to share with you what happened.

I am the Earth.  The earth is I.  When we as one energy connect and communicate, not only with humanity, we also connect and communicate with the other planets in the galaxy. 

This transformation that has taken place has been going on for a very, very, very long time.  I am solid.  I am strong.  I am always in balance.  When you feel things like the tremors, or when you feel things like the tsunamis, or anything that is of a natural reaction those are the normal plates of the surface of the earth shifting and finding new balance.  The magnetic poles are shifting creating many of the changes that you are experiencing upon the Earth.  

I have given up all the fossil fuels that is to be given.  It is not a limitless source and the agreement between humanity and I is coming to its closure, but there are other resources available that I give and give and give to humanity because I love humanity.  

I am aware of what is taking place upon the Earth and as ever I am the balance.  When you seek to anchor your energies feel free to ask for me and I am here for you.  So too,  there are many, many Elementals, there are many Fairies and Daevas.  You may think they are all the same breed of energies, but they are all different and work in different ways.  So too there is a race of humanity that lives within the Earth.  You may reach out for them also.

Know that I am strong. Know that I am ever cleansing and know that I have a direct communication with the Universe and all is well. 


The Goddess Speaks:

It is I the goddess.  We will now continue our shifting of the energies.  As you breathe into your heart center you allow yourself to anchor, and then allow that energy to come back through and you send it out to the top of your head.  Allow your energies to move into the space of your higher self.  This is you that is the blend of your divinity and your human experience. 

Take a moment and throw out any old debris that no longer serves, any old projects, anything that you no longer wish to have around you.  Allow your higher self to reflect the many potentials that are available to you.  From there you shift your energies upwards even more.  There is a column of light around you.  There is that cord that enters you within yourself that links directly into your I AM presence.  This is you as your God source.  This is you as your eternal flame of your soul.  Let your energies merge fully with who you are. 

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I reach out to embrace you our energies merge.  We shift into the All That Is.  Look around at all that is present within this space and I invite you to become comfortable as we spend a little time in memory lane as you call it. 

When we first would get together as a group the level within the All That Is was a lower vibration than where we are right now.  If you so choose allow your consciousness to move into what that was.  It gives you that perspective of where you were and where you are now. 

When we began this journey the collective consciousness of the Earth was quite a bit more dense than what it was now so we would shift into that magnetic vibration of the earth, that grid work, which was in reality the collective consciousness and we would work in that energy.  We’d take a step there going out into the All That Is and then we would clear it out as we came back in.  Not always did people realize that was what was happening. 

So too when we began speaking of the Crystalline Grid do you remember how it was that sense of individual crystals.  We would tap into the Crystals of the Universe that are like in immense pivotal points through which the projection and sacred geometry is based.  We would tap into those Crystals.

As the vibration of the Earth continues to rise, as the collective consciousness was cleared out and more of this energy was able to come in; that was when our group began tapping into the Omniverse.  For those who were here remember what the Omniverse looked like.  It was like a little speck in the distance.  It was very hard to really have a perspective as we moved through it. 

Some people have asked why is it that Shelly channels the Goddess of Creation?  Who is it the Goddess of Creation?  Well I am source.  I am all of you.  I am all of your universe.  I am masculine and feminine.  I am the epitome of the Galaxy within which you live.  I am ever changing.  I am ever present.  I am ever here.  For this foundation to be anchored completely within the Earth it needed to be feminine energy. 

During the time of Lemuria it was very balanced energy.  That was the time in which the Star Beings first came to the Earth.  There had been others who had been upon the earth, but none of them stayed to integrate with the indigenous people.  It was decided with the co-operation of Gaia that we would bring in the Star Beings so as to affect a quantum leap upon the earth for the humanity that lived upon the earth.  Now these millions of years later here we are talking about it. 

During that long, long period of linear history did everyone say is this Lemuria?  Is this Atlantis?  Am I now in Roman times?  Most often, most often you, were living lifetime after lifetime experiencing duality, experiencing free choice or free will, experiencing Karmic Agreements. 

So the Earth became a place that some thought as a playground.  There were times in your history when you would call the not so nice Aliens in to control and manipulate and experiment.  With the free will it was thought okay let’s see what happens.  That has all been filtered out and that will no longer happen again.  I have said this and many, many others have said this over and over. 

Look at you those that participate in these Journeys.  Look at yourself.  Look at your life.  Where were you 14 years ago?  What was your intention of your life at that time?  I would imagine most people as you consider your life there are those times that stand out to you as wonderful, magical, exciting, and there are those times that may also stand out to you because they were traumatic, hard, disappointing. 

Being a human upon the Earth is about experiencing yourself as human.  As a human we know this life.  Your ego, your mental body, your thoughts, your beliefs are intrinsically bound to this life.  There is an alignment between that through your DNA.  There is alignment between all of these layers of who you are and the experience that you have had with what you’ve put forth and wish to experience in this life all through your DNA.  

We speak of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies that have created you the human.  The spiritual body is your soul.  That is you that you have just connected to.  It is you that lives forever.  It is you that loves you unconditionally no matter what.  It is the part of you that for so many people has become disconnected.  

I speak of balance.  You must have a physical body that supports you.  You must have a mental body that is agile and gives definition to your life.  You must have the emotions to fill in to give depth and give flavor and color to your life, and you must have the knowledge that you are more than this life. 

Coming in and moving through all of these energy bodies, transforming everything and lifting it to the higher level is your lightbody or your crystalline body.  This is what is being activated in humanity right now.  This is the part of you directly linked with the Omniverse.  This is the part of you that smooths the way for change to come in.  This is linking with your DNA so that as you activate those higher levels of consciousness you may do so through your crystalline body.  It gives you that anchor, that integration.  

I am just sitting here enjoying the energy and the sense of accomplishment that has taken place.  Beloved family without you it wouldn’t happen.  I the Goddess and all the Angels and the Light Beings that are here in celebration with you this evening we can do everything you want, but it takes the human choosing to live upon the Earth and have their very own experiences in order for it to integrate.

We know that there have been times that are very challenging.  We have heard you when you have said ‘I want to go home.  Just take me home.  I’m tired of this world.  I’m over this life’ and it hurts our hearts that you struggle so.  We wish to take that out of your heart.  If that is where you are right now and if you wish to take that burden from you right now.  If you breathe down deeply inside of yourself and then just breathe out and allow us to take that burden from you.  Allow us to take that pain and sorrow from you. 

Another part of our journeys that have been pivotal throughout the years is our work with the Central Spiritual Sun.  I shift our focus and awareness so that you see in front of you that which is known as the Central Spiritual Sun.  Is this the sun you see rotating around your planet?  Yes that is an aspect of this, but this is the center of the universe.  This is the center of creation and this has a direct link to every soul in every dimension, in every level of consciousness, in all time space reality.  Very dramatic is it not?

When you seek to know that core essence of who you are and from where you have come, and what your journey may be this is where you may come.  So allow your consciousness to merge with this space. It makes me smile those of you that think Oh I’ll burn up, taking it literally.  You will not burn up within the space! 

For some if you do feel as if there is a warmth, or a hot energy, then it is sometimes burning away old energies from you.  It is a means of cleansing you.  Stand in this now moment in front of the sun and if you have anything upon your heart, your mind that you would like to release, then have a sense of allowing it to flow into the sun.  You see that the Sun is a means of transformation.

If you so choose allow your consciousness and energies to merge with this the Central Spiritual Sun and perhaps see where it may take you.  Can you hear the tones and vibrations that emanate from within the space?  If you so choose you have a sense of disconnection and backing off.  When you are here within the Sun you may use it to communicate with others, to travel, or to simply step into an understanding of who you are. 

As you have a sense of stepping back from that you see before you the Moon.  The Moon has frequently been considered the feminine energy and the sun the masculine energy.  So too over the years we have worked many, many times with the Moon, especially during full moon ceremonies.  So as you have that sense of moving from that Central Spiritual Sun shift your focus to the Moon, and as you merge with the Moon feel the difference in vibration. 

As you go within the Moon you see that this is where the societies live.  There may be an aspect of you that is currently residing within that space.  So too as you feel the Moon it is essential to shift it in too that perspective of the higher vibration.  There are those think the Moon is empty, has no energy, it’s just there.  As you can tell the Moon is vibrant and filled with light. 

So allow yourself to come back and remember the times that you felt you had the Sun and the Moon.  As if you were in the balance of each one of them and you bring that masculine energy within you, that feminine energy within you, and you allow yourself to feel what it is to be fully balanced from the masculine and feminine energies.  This is something we have done numerous times before. 

As we do it in this now moment you are integrating at a much higher level of vibration.  There may be a less noticeable difference, because you have already been working with this and it is not something that is out of the blue and new.  There will be those who you who have done it many, many times before.  It feels new and different, or if this is your first time experiencing it you can feel that this is a way of integrating that which is your masculine and that which is your feminine energy.  In the crystalline vibration you are already a balanced energy. 

We release those energies as you look around you here within the All That Is take a moment and look at the many energies who have spoken and worked with you throughout the years.  There are so many that we cannot name them all, but just the last two times Metatron and Melchizedek, Yeshua, Buddha, Abraham, Muhammad, Krishna.  So too we have Ashtar from the Ashtar Command.  We have the Great White Brotherhood.  We have the Ray Lords. 

So too we have the Angels; the many, many different types of Angels throughout the years and particularly the Archangels that always work with Shelly.  Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin three feminine energies that have been anchoring my Goddess images through Shelly.  There are of course many, many more. 

You see a number of entities that I hear that may not have a name, or you may not realize the time space reality from when you worked with them, but even now or in the future you will be working with them. 

More than ever before you have the ability to shift time.  When you come here into the space of the All That Is time is non-existent.  When you work with your I AM presence that is specific only to you, you can tap into every aspect of your past lives with which you desire or which may assist you.  The Akashic records are also very popular, but the Akashic are a blend of many different souls and experiences.  This is a space where you may access that if you so choose. 

You have been aware, that particularly since the last quarter of a century, special individuals, meaning those with the less filters have been integrating into the Earth.  I do wish to clarify that I feel that everybody is special.  I feel that there have been so many individuals that it’s taken everybody to arrive where you are. 

These individuals though that chose to come and without all the shields in place and all the filters in place; many have struggled and for them I send a wave of love, I send a wave of compassion, and I send our wave of clearing energies, let it go, let it go, let it go.  I also infuse into you balance and attention.

Most recently, in the last while since, particularly since 2012 and also since 2008, these children that are now here, their DNA is different.  They already have the alignment to the higher vibration intrinsically built within them.  For some it is very dormant as a protection.  Others it is wide open.  You as the Light Workers that you are can have that intention, that in your prayers or your dream state that you send that soothing, balanced energy out to these individuals to create calm, peace, balance. 

So many of you who are here listening to this you are the masters. You have done this before.  Bring through those memories.  Bring up that awareness within yourself.  The key is that now you finally have the support of the collective consciousness, of Gaia, of the universe.  We are all in alignment to support you.  Breathe in all of what that potential is for you. 

Your bodies, your physical bodies are changing dramatically.  As you release the carbon your bones, your muscles, your ligaments, all of it will it change.  Go with the flow.  Listen to your inner guidance.  You may say ‘well I cannot tell what is my inner guidance and what isn’t’.  Practice breathing deeply into your heart center and just clearing out the layers of the chatter that may be going around you, and then ask what do I need, and then listen to that inner voice.  If it takes you days, weeks, months to create change, it’s all good.  It’s having that intended intent to change that begins the process.

Your pineal glands are already open and activated, and working as a gland that is changing from the physicality inside of you.  Feel your skin as it changes.  Be aware of what you eat.  I am not telling anybody to only eat vegan, or only vegetarian, or only this that or the other.  But some people may need more meat.  Others may need more fruit.  Others may need more vegetables.  So listen to what your body is asking for and it may be trial and error.  The more you listen the more it responds the more you know.  The cellular intuition is a part of the expanded DNA and this is very much the next step of the phase of the integration. 

So the cells that make up your body are literally speaking to you, assisting you and supporting you in your life. 

Remember to move towards the pathway that brings joy.  Remember to reach towards those people that support you.  That doesn’t mean only those people that tell you what you they think you want to hear, but those people that will understand you, and love you, and be with you no matter what.  They are around.  Reach out.  

I feel as if I could continue to talk for hours, but as I look at you I invite you to take a moment and take stock of what is happening.  Although a lot of this has been discussion about what has been happening and what is; you have been receiving downloads of information, downloads of energy. 

Yes I just heard someone say is the energy work changing, yes.  For those people that work with sound, or water, or color, or energy, no matter what it is that you do it’s changing.  It’s about the frequency and the frequency can be expressed in many, many different ways. 

Allow yourself to just move into that place where you might feel as if it is a cocoon around you.  Every one of you when you first came into the earth as a Star Being you arrive within your Merkabah.  That is the matrix around you.  That is what is called the ship, but it was you and the programming from your soul as it made that first agreement with the human that you became. 

You come back to this Merkabah again and again.  Some of you work with it in your daily life upon the Earth.  Sometimes when you go into your divinity you go into your Merkabah, Merkaba, Merkavah; different words same thing. 

Create an alignment with this so that as your DNA activates, as you step into this higher vibration, that you will have, almost as if this energy space around you is supporting you, filling you up, not only in your daily life, but in your sleep state when you come into this space.  Phew there is just wave upon wave of energy that is moving through here. 

I invite you as a group to come together.  As each one of you come into this space I invite you to take a moment and become your true authentic self.  You may look like a human, you might not look like a human, you may be pure energy; whatever it is take this moment and you can use your Merkabah to support you. Take this moment as everyone is here in the group, and just show everyone who you truly are.  Let the world see you and know that it’s powerful.  Know that you are supported. 

Look around you.  See which are the Angels and the Light Beings that are here working with you supporting you.  Let all of that energy come together in this circle of light.  You can feel as it communicates.  It goes in a circular pattern.  It goes across from each other and coming up within that hologram the Earth. 

Look at this hologram.  I am projecting what the hologram looked like in 2003 when you began.  Some of you can’t even see it.  It was much smaller.  It was much denser and it did not have that interactive relationship.  So the hologram now is large.  It’s interactive in all the levels of the Universe in which you life and in particular your Galaxy.  It’s also interactive with Gaia. 

As everyone infuses into this energy of this hologram put forth your intention for the next week, month, year, ten years, whatever it is that you would like.  Put it into this powerful, powerful hologram of the earth. And if it is something that you have wanted for a very long time that has not yet manifested so too take away that which did not manifest.  Take away that past disappointment.  Take away that past frustration and have only from this vibration and this now vibration of the intention that you would like to manifest.  

As everything moves with in this hologram it swirls and spins and turns.  You can release it.  It goes down through the energy of the Universe.  There is that that goes out to the Omniverse and then you still have that sense of all of that energy moving downwards.  It goes into the Earth.  It’s self anchoring with Gaia, anchoring with the crystals and the center, and then it begins to expand outwards. As it does suit so it comes up through the layers of the Earth, integrating and anchoring with the Earth.  It comes up through the crust of the Earth. 

Everything that was yours comes up within you.  It comes up in that way and what you had anchored yourself earlier that becomes a portal in which all of this new expanded energy comes up in to you.  As you allow that flow to move within you it is also coming up with in the grass, the trees and the water.  It moves through all of the collective consciousness upon the Earth. 

Take a moment and send your own energies out so that you create that balanced place in which you live, so that you send out that intention that you may link with all the others that are here.  Feel your energies for what they are.  Take a moment and have a sense of reaching back up to All That Is and gently as if you are pulling, or choosing, or sliding all of your expanded consciousness you allow it all to begin to flow down.  It moves through your divinity.  It comes through your higher self and it comes down into you so that everything that you anchored from below and everything that is coming from above;  it merges, it blends, flowing up and down, through your body, through your emotions, through your thoughts and believes, and as your soul energy creating that connection.  Take a moment and really anchor back into this now moment. 

So beloved family as you are moving through these days and weeks to come, as you consider yourself in your own life, as you consider what the last years have been as far as the transformation taking place upon the Earth be aware that you can tap into every little bit of that or none of it the choice is yours. 

What is happening that every single human upon the Earth has been activated.  Every single human is moving through this transformation, be a conscious or unconscious, and as every single human is experiencing this life there is so much more opportunity for a joy filled, meaningful, love centered life existence. 

Beloved know that I am always with you and I love you dearly.




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