Transformational Love

During the weekend of Valentine's Day, of course the Goddess of Creation spoke of love~~  The transformational love shifted energy from the universe, the collective consciousness and of course humanity. 

For this channel, the Goddess spoke of how people can get into a rut about life and how they look at life.  She spoke at length about manifesting and how being in the rut can keep people from seeing what's around them.  She then helped everyone to shift into a new place and new perspective.

From there, each person was able to open up even more fully than ever before.  It's essential when things aren’t working for you that you shift your perspective by turning sideways or into a new place.  Once in the new perspective, she assisted people with linking to the essence of what they seek. 

We then shifted the energy of the universe.  This was interesting because there's already an intrinsic balance, so the Goddess was assisting with finding the space, with which you align, then allowing your energy and intention to link with the universe.   

We aligned with Gaia to clear in the same manner.  BUT then the Goddess had everyone begin to bring the earth bound energies into alignment. From there it was if we were raking the energies through.  This was clearing out the energies around the earth and it felt s whole lot cleared.  We moving forward can align with the energies that are open and flowing. 


Nama sika, Venia benya                   I am the one, I am the whole

I greet you beloved family!  I reach out from my heart to yours, I reach out sending my love into each one of you and inviting it to flow all the way around the world.

This weekend of Valentine’s Day is most often a very joyful and fun time upon the earth.  It’s one of those things that is celebrated all around the world; it doesn’t matter someone’s religion, it doesn’t matter anything at all, it is simply that this is the time to celebrate about love.  The more that people focus upon love, the more exponentially that it will grow within and around the world.

Your focus as you are living your life can be upon love.  It can be first and foremost what you feel from your own God source energy.  It can be upon the love that you feel for your friends and family that are around you.  It can be upon the love that you feel for nature and Gaia and the other support mechanisms that are here upon your earth.

It can be upon the love of being alive!  The love of your pets; I then hear people starting to say the love of my house, my car, that’s all fine too.  But as an individual you are living here upon the earth is having an earthly experience.  You are living here to create from a life that is filled with various experiences all of which give you an opportunity to express who you are.

It’s not about expressing who you are through your material belongings, it’s not about expressing who you are through the work that you do or he prestige or the status; this is about recognizing that you the individual are part of a much larger source energy.  It is that source energy that constantly bathes you in the flow of love, bathes you in the flow of unconditional acceptance for who you are, what you are doing and all that is taking place.

When you are aligned with your divinity there is nothing that you need to prove to yourself or to anybody else.  When you are aligned with your divinity you need only be open to receive.  When you are in alignment with your divinity you may see the world from the space of love, from the space of that God source energy.  You may see the world as something new and different and refreshing every single time that you wake up.

Beloveds, I invite you to just feel these words wash through you and around you.  They represent so much more than even the words that I speak.

Allow yourself to anchor once more where you breathe it through you breathing down into the earth, feeling your energy spread out as you link with the earth.  Then as you allow that energy to anchor you take in one more breath and let go, allowing yourself to stream up your consciousness until you align within the space of your higher self.

Your higher self is that which is a blend partway between you as the human and you as your divinity.  You flow between your human and your higher self constantly throughout the day.  Most times, this takes place in an unconscious manner.  But, when you seek to ask the answer to a question, you gently move into this space and let it flow down. 

When you seek to make a decision, you gently flow into the space and allow it to come down. As I said, most often you are not even aware that that is what you are doing.  You simply know that you have that answer somewhere within you.  When you shift it into that conscious format it allows you to more fully work with that energy.

From your higher self I invite you to shift up even further, there is that cord of light that takes you all the way from your human expression, up into your divinity.  So follow that cord of light until it comes into your I AM presence.

As you feel yourself merging with your divinity, look around.  You may feel the warmth, the love, the expression of who you are.  You may see colors, light, energies.  Be open to whatever is here for you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you, I reach out to embrace you as the human, you as your divine essence.  As our energies merge, you will find yourself shifting into the All That Is.

Look around this space.  Every time that we arrive within the All That Is, each one of you has a tendency to move into a place that you have created for yourself.  Even if this is the first time for you arriving here in this type of a journey, you already have a place that is your own.  In some ways, it makes you feel comfortable, it makes you feel secure.  But, it can also create a bit of a rut, where when you are within this space, you see what you expect to see and you see the vibrational alignment for what you expect to see. 

Therefore, I’m going to ask everyone to kind of shift your position.  You can do this in a number of different ways.  Simply think ‘okay, someplace new’ and you will find yourself moving around. 

Living upon the earth can be a very complicated experience.  Most likely you are pulled in a number of different directions.  Most likely you have responsibilities that may sometimes feel as if they are weighing down on your shoulders.  Most likely you would like for certain things to happen within your life and you are in the process of either waiting for them to happen or you are taking the steps to try to create whatever it is you seek to have.

There are many things that you can take for granted.  Some it doesn’t matter, you’re going to wake up and you’re going to breathe.  You’re going to wake up and your heart is beating.  You’re going to wake up and you’re going to get out of bed.  So you don’t stop and think this is what needs to happen in order for me to wake up and get out of bed today. 

People sometimes have a tendency to move into a rut where they just expect that things will be a certain way and that expectation create a vibration.  It may work perfectly.  You manifest exactly what you are seeking in a quick and efficient time period.

What may also occur is that you get up, your start to go about your day; you are thinking about all the many things you need to do; perhaps you stop and say your prayers or you stop and meditate for a few minutes.  When you are in a routine it creates a vibration that you slide into and then you stay within it.

When you are seeking to have something within your life whatever it may be you ask the universe and immediately all the Angels, the beings of light, your higher self, your divinity gather together and say ‘let’s do this!  This is what they want so let’s do this’!  It is our joy and this is what we consider our fun part of the day, to work from this side assisting you with whatever it is you want to have. 

We then wait patiently for you to notice that it is there.  Sometimes will try to nudge you by saying look over there, go around the corner this way, oh passed it back their.  But as a human you are very focused on where you’re going, what you are doing, that you want something in your life that you’ve been asking to have come into your life that it’s there -- but it’s not there. 

Sometimes, the vibration that you emanate is such that it’s like this but what you seek is like this and you pass it by.  (In the channel Shelly was holding her hands as separate from each other showing different levels.) Does that mean you’ve missed your opportunity and it’s gone?  Absolutely not.  That means we’ll circle around again, this time trying to adjust as best we can, asking you to be open to perhaps seeking in a different way.

We also ask you to open to whatever the essence is for what you seek to have.  Rather than the specific object, what is behind that object or what is behind that intention?

If you release a specific object but realize that the energy or the essence of that is what you are truly seeking to have, that is what will shift your vibration.  That is what will open up the doors to new potentials or new opportunities.  So too, sometimes when you look behind the energy of what you seek to have you realize you don’t want it anymore.  But you thought you wanted it for so long, that you really wanted that specific object; say for example a car, you wanted to Toyota. 

When you look behind the energy of that, what you really want is a reliable means of transportation at the right price and the right time.  So when you let go that Toyota you’re looking at and instead focus on reliable transportation at the right price at the right time, you begin to notice and add perhaps from someplace else, perhaps a Toyota.  But simply releasing that specific allows you to open up to new potentials.

This is true with love.  This is true with relationships.  This is true with everything that you do in your life.  What is love to you?  Is it the way that you expressed out to other people?  Isn’t the way that others express love to you?  Is it something that you experience all day long throughout the day for only for small segments of the day?  Is it the intimacy?  Is it the look in someone’s eyes?  Is it the joy when perhaps a child runs up to your climbs into your lap? 

Love is limitless.  Love is available in many, many, many different formats.  As we look around this space, you’ve already shifted into something new so everything looks a little different to you.  As you consider love within your life even if you are completely content in every manner, it’s always fun to look from a new perspective and to see sometimes the different things that are available for you to appreciate or to see the different opportunities whatsoever it may be.

We are speaking about the love that you are expressing out and that you are receiving in your life upon the earth.

Let us also speak of the love that is here from your divinity.  You have already merged with your divine I AM presence.  I the Goddess have also amplified all of that energy expanding it for you and with you.

As if you are moving down inside of yourself, take a deep breath and let that energy flow inside of you.  As if you are looking with new and different eyes, look around at your divinity.  Perhaps, you are seeing other lifetimes.  Perhaps you see the Angels or the guides that are working with you, but you see them from the space of completeness and wholeness.

I invite you to open up your heart center as wide as you possibly can go so that you may feel the wash of this love from your divinity.  You feel it wash over you and move through you.

If you’ve been in a rut when it comes to love for yourself and others have a sense of breaking open any shell that you may have around you.  Michael of course has is sword of light that can cut right through and then of course you open up that shell.

Here you are.  Be who you are.  Be that person of strength, that person who can be vulnerable, that person who is seeking answers, that person who is seeking to be important, that person who would like a purpose in life; whatever it is, be your authentic self.  It’s okay, you are here in the All That Is, you are loved unconditionally.  Feel who you are.

As you consider your life, consider what that is.  If you seek to, you have limitless resources that you can merge with or communicate with out here in the all that is.  If you seek to create change in your life invite that to come and be a part of you.  If you seek answers to questions open up, ask a question and then wait for an answer.  It may come instantaneously; it may show up on the billboard as you are driving down the street.

What you want to do in your life?  How important are some of those things that you would like to do with your life if you are doing them without the love behind you?  How important is it for you to scale that highest wall, to get that highest promotion, go on that specific vacation; if that is all that you do, if you do so seeking love without receiving it as it comes into you.

Sometimes when we experience these journeys there’s that sense of déjà vu; we’ve done this again, we’ve done this before, here we are again, let’s try again.  There are certain things that humanity can never get enough of and love is one of those things.  Love in any way shape or form.

As you continue to anchor by living your life upon the earth, there may be stars, the moon, the planets that assist you in your life.  I know that there are Angels I know that there are some Angels that are walking upon the earth.  Therefore, in this now moment recognize that you are not alone.  Recognize that here in the All That Is, it’s a little bit easier to be in that space but also in your everyday life upon the earth there are people there in support of you; even if you have to look around the corners.

As you embrace love, it creates a sense of well-being and satisfaction within you.  Therefore if you take a breath in and ask what is the primary emotion or thought that you are having, open up to receive what that may be.  For some of you I’m hearing frustration, irritability, other beliefs just kind of streaming across.  If it’s anything outside of accepting and receiving love, then there is the reason why you are not accepting and receiving love.

So let’s just go through and pull out those beliefs by the roots.  Bring up those emotions from wherever they might be and then pull up some more; whatever it is that you need to bring up and out from yourself at this time.  And then as if you are scoping it all up, scoop it up, scoop it up, scoop it up ~whew~ and let that go.

You can feel it, you can do this.  If there’s anything that feels inadequate, if there’s anything that feels less than, if there’s anything that feels resistance in any form; bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ let it go.

Allow the love of your divinity to wash through you moving into any of those spaces where you released old energy.  Shuffle around a little bit, or move from one place to another allowing yourself to be in a new space of allowing, a new space of receiving, that unconditional love from your own source energy.  For some of you, I feel it moving through you now.

I still sense there are people saying ‘I just don’t get it, I’m still the same, nothing is changing’.  So we work with your head center, we work with your Lightbody center, we work all through you as the human by moving to your consciousness.  We work with you as the human trying to open up your energy, trying to open up that shell that you have around you because indeed if you’re still not shifting the energy there is a shell of protection keeping you up part from this energy.  So we work through shifting that energy.

And then again as if we are cracking it open, you feel (Archangel) Michael as he uses this sword of light as he moves through their and he cracks open that shell ~whew~ and you let it go.  I have a sense of some of you just standing under a waterfall and all that water just washing over you; you’re drinking it, you’re feeling it, it’s inside of you and outside of you.  Let that waterfall of love from your divinity be the foundation for everything in your life.

It’s so interesting how that works.  It’s as if there are waves of energy that are now-- it’s brought the vibration, in some ways it brings it up because it raises the vibration when you’re in that pure love essence.  In other ways it is calming and soothing that energy that was just frustrated and wondering ‘how do I do that, where is it, when is it going to get to me’.

So we swirl through, moving through everyone who is here clearing out the space, allowing you to amplify whatever it is that you are feeling and experiencing.

There is a collective consciousness within humanity upon the earth.  So too there was one out here in the universe and there is one within Gaia itself.  Even before we work with the energy of the hologram I invite you to have a conscious intention that you align with the energies of the universe and that love foundation that is flowing through our space. 

There are of course many, many, many different vibrations and energies out here.  But in this moment, I ask you to reach towards that vibration which is love and then just feel it. As you are feeling not only your own essence, the essence of divinity in love, but you are also feeling the essence of the universe and love.  It just flows through you.

As if you have a sense of looking towards Gaia from that somewhat detached space, ask to see the essence of love within Gaia.  Not upon the earth, but within Gaia.  I will take you there is you tap into this. 

When you are within the earth itself, there is an intrinsic vibration and heartbeat of the earth.  It is actually slower boom, boom (pause) boom, boom (pause) boom, boom. This is the rhythm of Gaia, this is the rhythm of the balanced and focused earth within.  Boom, boom (pause) boom, boom.  And as you walk upon the earth, you can tap into that heartbeat anytime that you would like. 

That which is on the surface of the earth and that which is within the earth can sometimes be completely different vibrations.  We are now linking with the heartbeat and the core essence of the earth.  Boom, boom (pause) boom, boom (pause) as you allow yourself to feel even more of Gaia as its flowing within and around the earth, you are still here in the all that is, but the all that is can move and merge because it is everywhere. 

As if though you are in this detached space, allow yourself to be open to perceive the love vibration of the universe, the love vibration that is within Gaia and then as if you reach down to that, we’re just going to pull that vibration of the earth, let it come all the way up, let it come to the consciousness that is upon the earth, let it come up, come up, come up ~whew~ clearing out the collective consciousness of the earth.  Yes!  Clearing out the billions of people that feel separated, alone, and detached, unloved, unlovable, isolated.

And again we bring that energy of Gaia, that nurturing warm loving support; let it come all the way up through all the collective consciousness clearing out the debris, clearing out the energy, boom, boom (pause) boom, boom. And that pulse continues. 

You’ve shifted some of the levels of energy the collective consciousness will now invite all the universal love and light, all of that Lightbody crystalline energy to now filter down moving into the earth.  Boom, boom and Gaia is there to receive.  This is a vibration of alignment that is always taking place, but through our conscious choice we amplify the energy as it’s moving through.  As it does so, it’s also clearing out the collective consciousness of the earth; clearing out to the lower density vibrations.  Clearing out those pockets of the energy that are less than the love, clearing out everything that is less than love ~whew~.

And then once more you flow the energy from your heart of your own divinity down into the earth.  The universe is flowing this energy down into the earth.  The collective consciousness is having the opportunity to create a change, to create a shift to let go of the past, to let go of the lack and instead to manifest universal light, universal love, which in turn brings their own divinity within them.

People may be very unconscious of this, but this is giving the opportunity for this to happen anyway.  They will still receive that amplified love of the universe and of their own self.  Boom, boom (pause) boom, boom you can feel the richness of Gaia, you can feel maybe even see or sense the differences in the colors and tones emanating from the earth.  You clear out your own space if you so choose, you clear out everything so that you can be in that space of love.

We need not work this time with the hologram because we just went directly down into the earth and created a greater clearing and cleansing so this is giving each of you a new opportunity.  This is an opportunity for you to make the changes, for you to look behind whatever it is that you are seeking and receive what it is that you want to have in your life.  Boom, boom (pause) your own heartbeat is beating in the rhythm and the pattern of your divinity.  Feel it, receive it, allow it.  Boom, boom (pause)

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your consciousness and your focus as if you let go that space of the all that is, you let go your divinity, allow yourself to stream back down so that you merge with your higher self.  As you merge within this space, look around at the opportunities that are here for you to work and play with.

Allow your focus to shift even further as you stream back down into and around your human essence is going to all come down through the top of your head, the back of your head, and all of your energy bodies.  It is also going to wash around the outside of you.  Be open to receive love.  Be open to receive all that there is. 

Let it wash through you.  Let it wash through you and send it down into the earth so that this is another way in which you are clearing out the collective consciousness and you’re anchoring even more energy into the earth; the energy of love, the energy of acceptance, of allowing, of you being who you are and loving it.

Alright as we bring this evening to a close, I once more send the love from my heart to yours.  I invite you to open up to your own divine love, to your own divine self, to your own divine essence. 

Amazing clearing of energy took place this evening.  Every time someone listens to this, every time you think about it, every time you come back into it you will clear more of that space.  Allow yourself that new positioning.  Allow yourself that new way of living your life so that you are fully supported and you are the divine essence represented as this person walking the earth.

You are all the essence of love!




FresnoHye 25th March 2015 11:16 am

Thank You.


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