Yeshua Activates the Ascension for All

This channel took place on Easter Sunday, therefore Yeshua chose to come in and speak with us. This meditation is filled with truly beautiful energy!! I have spoken quite a bit since this year started about the fact that the Earth has moved into the 5th dimension. As a part of this, humanity is also ascending into the 5th dimension.  

Easter was created when Yeshua died in his human form and then returned to Earth again in human form three days later. This was his ascension and it was to prove to humanity that you never really die, you are eternal. Yeshua was able to experience this because when he returned, he was vibrating at a higher frequency. He also stated he lived another 30 years.  

During this meditation, when we were in the All That Is, the Goddess created an amphitheater in which we could see Yeshua and a group of perhaps 8-10 master energies. They were all on the stage and speaking to all who were there. When Yeshua spoke the first thing he did was to connect with every person, now will be anyone no matter when you connect to the energy. Yeshua aligned with everyone and opened their energy field activating the pineal gland, opening the heart center, opening the head center. As they did this, it allowed everyone to clear the past and open to a higher vibration. I felt a massive change move through the entire space. 

In the end, this meditation will allow you to move into the higher frequency of ascension and it will activate your pineal gland, heart center, and all of who you are. 


Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I flow my energies into each and every one of you becoming present in the now moment. Flowing through your energy bodies, your physical, your nonphysical so that I may help you to amplify all of who you are.

As you take a deep breath in let your focus and your consciousness go inside of you. As you’re breathing out and relaxing, allow your physical body to just relax and fall deeply, deeply into wherever you may be lying down or wherever you may be sitting.

Today is Easter. Today is the day that is represented as the ascension of the Christ energy. I understand that everybody upon the Earth has their various religions that they like to follow or none at all. Therefore, there may be individuals that will hear, or who will feel the essence of the energy of this ascension, and they will think that is not my religion and therefore that is not for me.

However, ascension is for you. Ascension has always been for all of humanity and there have been various people throughout the thousands of years that have ascended and have moved into higher frequencies throughout their experience. This is where the Earth is right now.

On this day there is the focus of so many individuals. It amplifies even further everything that is going on. So, take this moment as you are still present in the earthly reality to consider what the ascension process looks like to you. If you are listening to this or watching this then you are a part of the ascension process. Even if it’s years down the road you are a part of the process.

Take a deep breath in where you breathe into your heart center. You can feel it as it swirls moving through you and then you send a part of that down through your energy body. As it moves through your energy bodies you send that beam of light all the way into Gaia. As you do so it’s anchoring you. Anchoring your energy in the now moment. It is anchoring everything that is happening within and around you.

As you feel the energies of Gaia coming up within you; that flow of light comes back up into your heart center and you send it up through your throat, your third eye, your head center, you send it all the way up. As this flow and vibration is moving through everything you move through your Higher Self and then you move on until you align with your Soul’s essence at the soul plane.

This is a very high frequency or high dimension so allow yourself the opportunity that you may shift your own focus in such a way that you become aware of everything that is around you. As you look at your Divinity you may see aspects and different life experiences that you have had. Take all of this information into you, even if it’s something that you are unconscious of, just allowed that focus and that flow to move within you.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here and as I reach each one of you individually, I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge with one another it shifts and moves everything into the All That Is, and as you allow your focus to come within the space look around at all that is here. It is as if there is a celebration taking place. This is a celebration of life. This is a celebration for humanity upon the Earth. It is a celebration for all the living species that move through your Universe.

The threads of energy that align between each person will frequently have its own consciousness. Therefore, the experience of one leads into the experience of another, and there is a co-creation that takes place. Some of this is done through a very clear intention. Some of this is in a very unconscious manner and it is in this way that those individuals that have never thought about ascension are still rising within their vibration. 

Take in a deep breath and allow your own focus your own consciousness to open up so that you may see, sense, feel, and know all of what this is for you.

The celebration becomes quiet and you look to the front it is as if it has transformed into an Amphitheatre, and everybody finds their place that they would like to sit. You see walking out upon the stage a number of different Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Benevolent Ones, Star Beings. This group consists of about 8 or 10 individuals. However, if you align into the energies of those that are present you will feel that there are many more that are coming together creating this consciousness that are those who are present upon this stage.

As you get quiet you open up your senses and this allows you to feel an alignment of the energy that is radiating out through all of them into all that are present within this space. Some of you are very conscious of doing this, you do this all the time, and you are simply there. Others may feel as if they’re trying to understand what may go on. If you are being analytical and thinking about things clear out your left brain and allow your focus to be through the open flow of love and light that is present. There we go. Taking a deep breath and breathe out.

You see Yeshua walking towards the front of the stage and before he begins to speak, he himself is getting quiet, opening up his heart and sending forth waves and waves of love and light. Some of you may feel this as if he is actually touching you. Once he begins to speak you may find that he himself will come at some point to sit with you and work directly with your energy. Mother Mary, Mary Madeleine, Quan Yin, all these other beings that are present here, or someone that is not consciously present may be one to come and share time directly with you. This is your time to be bathed in the love, the light, and the frequency of God and God source energy.

Take in a deep breath and breathe out.

Yeshua Speaks:

Greetings my beloved family, my brothers, my sisters, my family of Soul, my family of Humanity, my family of the Universe. I Yeshua come to this time and speak to you on this day of the very amplified energies of that time known as Easter.

This is a day of celebration and it is particularly important this year. Many of you already have a deep relationship with me. Many of you have a relationship that is associated with the frequency of the Earth that is now transitioning. Some of you have never reached out to my alignment and this may be the first time in which you hear my words, or that you feel this vibration and frequency. So, no matter what it is that is happening for you I thank you for choosing to be present with me at this time as we ascend upon the planet Earth and throughout the Universe.

For those of you that have known me, write to me, written, or read about the Bible and everything in it I would like to ask that you take that knowledge that you already have present within you, and then have a sense of just taking it out of you and setting it to the side. I want to create a new alignment with everybody here today and anytime that you may listen to this later because for you it is today.

I ask you to close your eyes and open up your heart, and as you do so you may feel as I place my hand over your heart center and the second one that my palm of my hand places on your third eye with my fingers going up to your head center. As I do this, I am sending a flow of energy through you that is going into your third eye and head center, coming down, coming out your heart center, and creating a circle of energy and light. As you feel this flow some of you may not feel a specific shift in your vibration. Others may feel as if you are buzzing, others may get to see things that they did not see before, your sensitivity may transform.

I Yeshua come to each one of you in this now moment sending forth a direct current from my frequency into yours. As you feel that flow of that current understand that I am assisting you in clearing out the past, with activating your pineal gland within your head. Many of you are already activated and open and in the flow. For those that are not, I am doing that at this time. For those of you that have already been open, I am simply helping you to transform to a higher frequency.

As that circle of energy and light begins to vibrate it moves from one pace into the lightning pace of a pure white light and all of you begin to transform. I then place both my hands on the top of your head sending down through your head center all the way down through all your energy bodies that increased frequency and light. With this I assist you with clearing out old energy, clearing out the past, and opening to the flow of the now moment and the high vibrational frequency.

You just rest quietly through this attunement. If you so choose you can use your own flow of energy and your hands to create that circular pattern on your own physical body, perhaps placing your hands on your own heart, your head, your knees, your arms wherever you direct the frequency and the light everything else will shift into a different alignment. Now I can see almost every one of you literally levitating as your vibration and frequency rises and rises.

The Earth is a beautiful place. The Earth was considered the Garden of Eden during the time of Lumeria. The frequency upon the Earth at that time was what we call the 11th to 13th dimension. That fall from the high frequency is what has created; that was the foundation for the very low vibrational frequency that has come into the Earth. There are various reasons that people will give for why that happened. The point now is that it did and it pushed humanity into an experience has been thousands of years in the making.

There have been prophets and holy people that have come in to all parts of the world at various times throughout this history as you call it. Every single individual made an impact in that time-space reality. During the time that I walked upon the Earth in my life as you refer to it 2021 years ago was a particularly dense time in the vibration and frequency of those living upon the Earth. I came in so as to create a change to make a cut through the density of that vibration and that living experience, and through that the light came into the Earth.

There have been those that wish to control humanity. They have been working against humanity from the time that the Earth fell after Lumeria. There have been a number of different instances in which the people living upon the Earth would clear out the majority of that energy and then they would start again. Most often that was in a part of the world in which one of the prophets came to live. What that created were segments of the world that would have cleared out energy and the new influx and flow and light would come in and it would push against the darkness that was already there and it would trigger a response of them again trying to overtake the light.

For many, many years the perception was that the others have been successful and in one perception or more yes you could say they were successful. But here we are and as this light is moving through every single individual living upon the Earth you can see that at the end of this very, very long played out experience it is the light that succeeds. If the light was not going to succeed the Earth would not have ascended over the last eight years. And if not for all of you living upon the Earth doing everything that you are doing the ascension could not have taken place.

This has been planned for thousands of years. I knew that my time upon the Earth would be extremely challenging. I had the love of my wife and my family, and my travels that gave me the anchoring that I needed to have to do what I needed to do. I always knew exactly how that life would end up.

I hear you. In some of the things written about me, they say that I didn’t know, that I didn’t know, but I did. My mother knew, my grandmother knew, Mary Magdalene, some of the apostles around me. There were about five or six of us that knew exactly what was going on, exactly what the big scheme of things were, and how that was going to affect humanity.

One of the things that they spoke about when it was Easter is that of ascending. I did die upon the cross. My human form died upon the cross. I wish to say that a mistake has been written and this was intentionally written so as to continue the rift in humanity. In the Bible, it says; “my God my God why have you forsaken me”, not true. What I truly said, “my God my God for this I have lived and I give up myself so the rest may live, so all will live”. So, at the very end, I was still consciously choosing to be in the vibration and the frequency of my whole life was about. That is where you are right now.

People have spoken about the second coming of Christ. Many people would like for that to be me physically walking upon the Earth, greeting you and healing you. I do walk upon the Earth from time to time but not often. What the biggest change about ascension is not that I am doing it for you, but that you are doing it for you. No longer can it be someone outside of you doing the work for you and then you step in and you are there. Every single person needs to make the commitment to ascend.

Now as I say that there may be some of you that have done exactly that. “I am committed I will do all that is necessary to help this earth ascend.” There are others that have never consciously spoken words of that nature. However, they have unconsciously or through their Soul essence, they have been exactly in that space. As more and more people upon the Earth speak out about this then everyone will know. You can feel the ripples of energy that are moving through all that are here.

When we speak of ascension what I literally did was that I lived a physical life in which my physical body died, but my Soul went back to source, to God Source energy which is what happens to every single individual when they die. However, I went there I reconnected, I strengthened my awareness, and then I came back to the Earth so that people could see that you never fully die, that your body releases but you live forever. Again, something that has been manipulated through the religions throughout the years. But I came back to show people that I was still alive.

When somebody vibrates at a particular frequency and then you have another individual vibrating at something that is nowhere near that frequency, they cannot see what is in front of them. Their consciousness does not have the alignment or the backup, or whatever you want to use to describe it, that gives the perception that they can understand that they are actually seeing me when I had already died. This is one of the reasons why not everybody could see me. However, those that were of a high-frequency vibration did see me and I actually continued and lived for about 30 more years going up into France, going back through India, and up into the Himalayan mountains in Tibet.

I worked with the frequency of all of these locations. I had my family. But I would take specific lengths of time to go back into Soul because I was then able to easily move (well it was not easy), but I had the ability to move from being human up into source and then coming back. So, I would go back there to be rejuvenated. To have conversations with God. To understand what it was that was needed of me and take me out of the narrow human perspective and into the universal light and love of God.

Feel the wave of energy upon energy, upon energy that I sent through to you. I speak to you today because every single one of you is doing the exact same thing that I once did. The Earth supports the higher frequency of the 5th, 6th, 7th dimension. Absolutely the 8th and even more are there and available but they’re not as open to the flow.

So as each one of you has moved through your own ascension process it may be that your consciousness is there and your physicality has not joined you. It may be that you spend a portion of the day there and the rest is back in the old energy. Most people are flowing up and going back. But especially after an attunement as I gave you this evening you will go back less often and you will go back less low vibration. In other words, everything is rising upwards and it has all created that stable foundation for you.

It is not the job of just one person to save the world. It is for every person to make their conscious choice to allow their own God Self to flow through them and into their life. Let go of the petty experiences that only pull you down. Let go anything that may keep you in the cycle of being vindictive or harmful to others.

As more and more and more of the 5th dimensional frequency is integrated within everybody you will get to the place where if you consciously hurt someone else you too will feel the pain. How long it may take for that to become your conscious awareness depends 100% upon you. Some of you are already there. Others of you are beginning to understand of which I speak. Become authentic. Be true to yourself. Live and express outward God’s love as it is reflected within you.

The Earth and the entire Universe is moving into a place based on love and light letting go of the duality of the third dimension. I understand that you still see that all around you. I understand that there is a great deal that is happening in your everyday life that is giving you the opportunity to make these choices day after day after day. So, I ask you, therefore, that when you see things that make you angry and upset you acknowledge you feel that way and then you send it love and you keep your frequency and your vibration at the higher level.

Nobody expects you to be perfect. Nobody expects you to do it 24/7. That is never ever the intention. I ask that your intention be as much as possible for you to vibrate at a frequency of love sending that into the world around you. Filling up your own vessel allowing cell to cell to cell to cell speak within you of the high light frequency.

I am Yeshua and I am with you and within you.

Ansaluia, Shalom

Goddess of Creation Speaks:

Greetings it is I the Goddess and I am back again speaking through this individual. As always, the love and the essence of Yeshua fills the world. I invite each one of you to just sit quietly for a moment recognizing that he worked with you directly, activating the higher frequencies within you, clearing out the old energies that no longer serve you so that you may be present in your life. Feel the love. Know that you have so much to give to the world even if your perception is that you do not. I ask you become aware that yes you do. Through love and alignment with each other. Through the love and compassion within you.

Some of you may choose to stay within this space for a longer period of time. However, for all of those that wish to do so, at this time I invite you to come back together as a group. We shift out of that Amphitheatre into a space where everybody is able to see person to person to person. You are able to recognize that you as your individuality are beautiful and unique and you as a part of the whole take that beauty and uniqueness and it amplifies even further.

As you are together as a group sense within you a hologram of the Earth that comes up. This hologram represents you. Look at it through your higher frequency eyes. Sometimes people get into a habit and see things as they see it and don’t necessarily recognize the changes. Let this be the moment to see things clearly what is here.

I ask that everyone taps into that Ascension energy of the Yeshua and send that through you and into the hologram. The hologram picks up that alignment and that frequency and it becomes a pure white light. You no longer see that image of the Earth you only see the brilliance of the light that is shining forth. There is a piece of that that goes out into the Universe tapping into those places that this group has supported for the last 15 to 20 years. 

You send the rest of that hologram; it goes down through the layers and the frequencies. It moves down until it hits that new crystalline grid known as the matrix that surrounds your Earth and you recognize that it is a higher frequency. It fills up with all that took place tonight and that ball of energy goes down into the center of the Earth. Within the center look around and you will see some of the aspects of Lumeria that have always been part of the Earth. As you were looking at it make note that perhaps you were a part of that and that part of your Soul continues to fill you up and work with your frequency.

That hologram then expands outwards it comes up through the many, many million layers of the Earth. We sent an intentional clearing through the subterranean tunnels helping to illuminate that that needs to be removed. Helping to heal that which remains and it comes up all the way through the grass, the trees, the water. Your own aspect of you that was touched by Yeshua and activated comes up through that anchor that you have within Gaia and feel it as it moves up and down through your physical body. As it does so it is filling up every cell and it’s expanding outwards.

You send your consciousness back to the remainder; to that which is the remainder of your consciousness in the All That Is and you let all of that come back down. It flows through the Soul plane, your Higher Self and it streams back down within you, and as you take in a deep breath feel yourself, anchor, back within you the human.

Accept the attunement that took place from Yeshua. Look at the world through the eyes of love and compassion. With everything that is transitioning and experiencing right now remember you do so much more for it when you stay in your light and love and you send that out into the world from you.

The world changes on some levels in just an automatic way. That is supplemented and extended upon through humanity, looking at the world through 5th dimensional eyes. You are here. You are present. You chose this life and now accept the magnificent result of all that is taking place. Phew, take a deep breath in.

Beloved family as you continue living your life upon the Earth understand that every point, at every minute you have the opportunity to choose the high light frequency. There is so much support there for you so let that be what moves through. As you continue to integrate the frequencies of love and light understand that it is not just that you let it flow through you but that you are becoming the light. You are the love and that is what you are shining forth.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you




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