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Beloved fellow travelers in the light,

It is always a pleasure to be with you and to surround you with the greater possibilities of the light, for this is the reason for the journey. Through increasing your light through greater possibilities, you continue to expand back into the Source that you are, and so you come full circle! That is why there is such satisfaction when events in your life experience bring you deliciously back to the beginning again and so it continues to spiral upwards. And so everything in your life that makes you feel like exploding with joy – new life, miraculous nature, magical happenings, fun people, awesome art, beautiful poetry, delicious food, exciting travels, uplifting music, familial love, laughter with friends – is the fuel to draw you closer to Source. And so do more of that which fuels your expansion to All that Is, how could life be more difficult than that?! The angst is created by the limitations of your minds, and so the solution is to keep your minds open to new ways of thinking, to changing perspectives, to new possibilities. And there is always so much more to be known!

With an open mind and open heart, you create the allowance of the new to come in, to be conceived and expressed in your experience. If you do nothing else each moment, intend an open heart and mind. Intend to connect to the Greater Source and intend to birth the new. That is all you need do in each now moment, and you will always be riding the crest of the wave, arms out free and hair blowing in the wind!

For when the times of trouble stir, you can remember the power in this stance, for it is invincible and connected. For you are the stewards of your own transformations; and the journey is yours to design and experience. Why not design a beautiful carnival of light rather than sulking below the grey clouds when both are within your realm of creation? Choose which party you would like to attend and then create it. It is up to you! And when enough have chosen to create Paradise in each realm, then the realms will connect and expand and the one big Paradise will be for all to enjoy together. It sounds like childhood fantasy, but then in many ways, you knew better then than you remember now!

The consciousness of the Sixties was the seed of making love and not war, except that the hippies chose to react against the establishment, which is not the way to transform the whole. It is now time for the consciousness to permeate government and leadership and education and health and media and sports and entertainment with love, expansion, beauty, unity and grace. Notice that corruption, dishonesty, fear, violence, disease, manipulation are not part of this new paradigm, as they will simply dissolve when you are no longer pushing against them, but they are no longer an aspect of consciousness. So dissolve them in your own life by focusing intently on what you do want and it will be so. Love everything into dissolution and what will remain is love. Again, it sounds lofty, but this is your purpose to witness love’s power in your everyday life and to heal the whole with it. Choose love, that is all. And when enough choose love, then love it will be, and that is best real estate in the world!

When you witness anything other than love, then it is love that is calling, so give it. When peace is called for, be it. When divine guidance is knocking, open the door. The new solutions will come from this higher place as you become these aspects in your daily lives.

Have you considered that you could dance your way into the abundance, peace and love that is Paradise on Earth?

The Council of Light that is Within



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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

The HeartLight messages are usually received on new and full moon days.


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