Focus on Love

Dear Child of the Universe - blessed Star Child - we are here with you now. We are always pleased to be of service to you to in turn inspire and induce you to be of service to others, for you are the same conduit of Divine Love and magic! It is important for you to remember who you are at all times and this means ALL TIMES - especially when the illusion keeps you far from us. The constancy in your life is God and us and what you call the "unknown" rather than the illusive and transitory "known" world. This is what is dissolving at this time. Just know that the illusion is going to melt away and the Truth will be revealed. This will appear traumatic and unusual and unfamiliar - but it is the real Truth. All you have to do is breathe and stay centered and know that YOU ARE GOD. Nothing is happening without the perfect Love of God and outside of the Perfect Plan. You are cared for and protected at all times: NO MATTER WHAT. Breathe this. Know this. Live this. There is nothing to fear, but fear itself and why would you even energize such an empty notion? Waste of valuable energy that could simply be focused on Love. Focus on Love. That's all. The big love - love of God, love of the Universe, love of your Planet, love of all humankind, the animal and mineral and plant kingdom and all of the myriad of beings "known" and "unknown" that represent Your God. Keep love alive in your heart at all times - especially think of it when you hear something that inspires a feeling or thought that is unloving - QUICKLY infuse it with love - do not energize the fear or any emotion other than love. Empathy and humility are at cause here.

Keep your body clear - by this we mean - a clear energy channel - that all passes through with ease and clarity and radiance - like a new light bulb. Heavy thoughts or food or sluggish body in any way deters the quality of light. Reaffirm each day that you are a divine channel of love and light and know that it is so. Water is important - please help us help you help them by keeping the channel clear. It goes both ways - "up and down" if you like, so be the light bulb. There is no room in your life for even a single moment of despair or worry or fret or negativity. Please do not allow a blip of this energy because all is magnified 1,000 times now - take responsibility for what you are reproducing and manifesting a thousand fold. The money you found in your pocket this morning will be multiplied 1,000 times with the single thought of it. Not wishing it were more, or wondering where it came from, or buying into another's thought that it is not yours. Let the rain of blessings fall! Remember it is only you that blocks the rainfall why would you use an umbrella to dispel God's flow from the trees?!

Be happy. You have so much to be joyous about. So much joy in your life, you almost don't know what to do with it all! Share it! Multiply it! Bless it! Rejoice in it! Never never never wonder why or doubt or become complacent about it. It flows with unconditional love like all else - it is only you who block its reception. Be open to the blessings of the universe for they are yours. Own them.

Work. When does it begin and when does it end? Is all not in service to God? Is all not being in the flow of God's abundance? If God is your banker, then why would the means of your abundance shift from job to job? The illusion shifts, but not the source. See what we mean? Yes, there is a perfect time in your world to make these decisions, but know that all is perfect at all times and that you are being guided and taken care of. What we have said before will put you in the energy space to flow from place to place effortlessly and in total trust. If you jump from island to island fearing the water between, it will suck you into the currents. If you know that you are safe and guided and in divine love at all times, then the only current is that of the wind - and you will just float from place to place. Why swim when you can fly?! Why do you think our beloved Jesus walked on the water? It is the best way to travel! No seas would ever swallow the True Believer, the one who knows the Truth. Remember, You Are The Christ. You are as much as Him and more - accept the mantel of this position and walk each day of your life in it. You are the true power of the divine incarnate - don't fool around being preoccupied with who Rebecca is other than the skin you are travelling in - you are manifest in - as God's Child.

Trust. Look to the signs. Await the unfoldment of God's perfect plan that is eminent for you. Await your job description! They are coming soon and you will just know, so enjoy the moment - stay in love - channel light and love and happiness for everyone on the planet. Beam each day with joy and do not allow fear to cloud this pure light. Keep things simple. Reduce to the most simple and profound and important things in your minds and hearts and know that all is borne in love. The plans will arise out of this. It is really far more simple than you think - so don't bother thinking. Just be in love. Care for one another with love and know that when you look into each other's eyes - there is God.

This is a sacred time for Mother Earth. The changes will appear radical, but you know the real Truth below the shifts. Stay always knowing this. Your dreams of changes are metaphoric, yes, but also what is coming ahead. Be prepared and know that you are always in the arms of God's protective cloak. Be wise. Be prepared. Be in love. Go with your instincts - for survival instincts are all too well developed in you - you know exactly what to do. Waste no time in preparation and again - keep it simple. Prepare for yourselves and two others. Do this in the next two months so that you are reassured early and can then clear all fear and work against the mass conscious fear that will be rising before year-end. Prepare and then help to raise the vibration of fear into love; if you wait until later, you will not be able to help the collective. Stay where you are for now - no need to move or change from your present location at this time. If you go to Australia, return to this place. Your work is here for now, and further changes will be made at a later time. Just trust that you are being guided at ALL TIMES and that you are always in the perfect place at the perfect time - no matter what the illusion. Do you understand?

Create a loving home inside your body now. Live inside there with the warmth and the protection and the beauty and the love of God, so that wherever you go, you are always home. Home is where God is.

We leave you now blessed One and remind you that we are always here. You can talk to us at any time - any moment - whether there is a computer or not. Your relationship with us is constant and open to dialogue at any time. It is important that you learn to develop the open communication and guidance with us without the dependence of writing, for this may not always be necessary. We leave you in God's ever-present light and offer our blessings to you on this glorious day in the Kingdom!

In love, we are forever yours.

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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

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