Full moon: No Reservations Required

Beloved Ones,

Ka-powie! Can you feel the explosive charges in the air?! Like fireworks, the energies of this full moon are super-charged particles of light, meant to blast open and blast apart and blast into the depths of your hearts. For those whose hearts are already open, the charges penetrate at a deeper level to clear out the limitations from the Greater Love. For those who have not allowed their hearts to soften are experiencing the big “ka-booms”…all is perfectly placed to bring us together…it just feels like things have to get blown apart to get there... All is well. Keep breathing and keep knowing that there is a Greater Purpose in these explosive times. If all about you is blown apart, or raw in the middle, or maybe just bending slightly – no matter what, the message is always thus: stay heart-centered. You may have to first match the energy coming at you, like catching a speeding baseball in your glove coming at you at 100 kilometers an hour or the shriek of a wild bird in your ear, but always soften, always breathe and always know that all is well.

There is nothing coming at you that you can’t handle and there is nothing that isn’t part of the beautiful dance of the Great Awakening. Running screaming into the night may be tempting, but you will just find yourself exhausted and lost at dawn, facing another day without having found whatever it was that you were running to/from. Better just stay put and breathe yourself into the centre of your heart, let the change energy crack open the crusty parts and go deeper into your centre…for that is where the Greater Understanding lies. If it were in the dark woods out there, you’d have found it long ago.

Okay, now you are paying attention to your heart. Now what? No use pacing around outside the perimeter, it’s okay – go inside. Check out the entryway, cruise around the lobby and begin your descent into the recesses of your own experience. Think of it like a grand hotel with extraordinary architecture and after you enter the polished golden doors, you are awestruck by what is inside. It has the feeling of accumulated memories…as if you wished the walls could talk…and so, begin the conversation. See which corridors are well lit and what doorways lead to where…like a curious child set free to explore, check out what’s happening behind every door…creak open the gilded doors to view the sparkling chandeliers in the grand ballroom, glide through the silent swinging doors of the kitchen, visit the groaning machinery in the furnace room in the basement, and ride the brass elevator up to see the panoramic view from the ambassador’s suite…in your exploration, you may discover secret doors to the ancient catacombs underneath, or rooms that hold memories of every emotion possible, but let the songs of this grand hotel sing inside your heart…it is an organ that must play the full repertoire of music in order to know the fullness of the human experience. This is how you turn yourself inside out. This is how you descend in order to ascend. This is how you feel yourself in the human experience so that you know that you are divine. So visit every room. Explore the vastness of your emotions and the experiences of your heart that it grows and expands.

So then what? An expanded heart is an open heart and an open heart is connected to all things and all things are connected to the One. See how this path complicates in order to simplify?! When you feel the depth and expansiveness of your own being, then you are able to drop your own edges, and in this open state, you begin to weave yourself into each other. This does not mean you lose yourself, it means you are able to feel your own individual golden threads as you weave into the Great Tapestry of All Things. You begin to feel the individual part you play while at the same time you join with other golden threads to create together. At once, you are the One that is becoming the One. Each individual thread recognizes each other by the radiance of the heart. As we have said before, this is your GPS system, so be sure to explore its full capabilities while you are on your trip!

So what? And so you use the beacon of your heart to find each other, and through the guidance of the heart you are led to create together, and by the magnificent experience of creation through the basis of Love (the heart knows no other way) you deliberately – consciously - create a new world, thread by thread. God created itself consciously to experience creation and ended up becoming unconscious through miscreating in order to recreate itself consciously in order to know itself as God. So don’t worry, you’re just at the “in order to recreate itself consciously” part…and what a glorious experience it already is, for the golden threads are weaving everyday. Just decide that you are willing to turn to your heart, and your conscious, heart-centred-in-every-moment GPS system will kick in from there. And when you are in your heart, you can no longer contribute to the miscreations; you become a weaver of the new that is only capable of creating through Love. All about you that is not Love will naturally fall away and that won’t matter because you are focused on creating by Love.

So what are you waiting for? Why not spend this full moon in the most magnificent hotel in the world? No reservations required. Meet you there.

With deep, abiding affection and support of all that you are,

The Council of Light that is Within




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