Inside Out: Good God!

The question is: how to keep strong when all about us is spinning out?

Now that we have gotten better at the constant remembering of who we are, this is the most important. Never forget. Now that this knowing is locked in, it is ours to keep nurturing to keep it alive. We must feed ourselves good vibes, good thoughts, good food, good water, good love, good joy, good exercise, good friends and especially good God! We have heard the body is the temple; well this - more than ever - is important for our work. Like a turtle, we carry our fortress with us as well as our heart, our mind, our action, our voice, our strength, our everything. Good God! Isn’t that miraculous? Isn’t that extraordinary? Think of how each one of us is a hologram of the whole. So this means we must truly do unto ourselves as we would have others do to us. It works both ways, of course. That is why it is the Golden Rule!

There is no question that things have sped up, things have gotten wilder, people are more frightened, the ego is engaging in major warfare, people are feisty and short-sighted and engaged in crazy-making for their own survival. The kind of stuff that makes our skin crawl, but with each breath, we must remember that we are breeding the Love that melts this angst. Even if we have to let them have their way for a time, until they exhaust themselves or become so tired that they are willing to seek another solution. Remember that journey too? Compassion. Pray to know/be compassion.

Compassionate detachment is a primary attribute of the Divine in action. We can’t always fix it, but we can always hold the Light and the Love of the alternate possibility. We live it ourselves and then we hold it for others as a vibratory pattern they can attain. Hold it. Propagate it. Make it contagious. Flow in and out of what is opposite without allowing it to drag us down. Easier said than done, for sure, but this is the goal. This is the ability of compassionate detachment, of knowing who we are, and that we no longer contribute any fraction of nano-energy to fear or control or judgement or hierarchy or any of the stuff that no longer works.

So, guess what this means? It means we have to really watch empathy now. Empathy is what helped us soften our hearts, to want to help others, to better understand another’s karmic predicament, to reach out to be the lovers of the Earth and each other that we have become. But now we have to stop it. Empathy is an essential part of the path, but now it can actually hold us back and wipe us out so we can’t continue. It is time to thank it for its brilliant assistance to get us to this point and let it go. Empathy can become a doorway into which we can energetically enable others. We get stuck there and become part of it rather than maintaining our alternative vibratory pattern. We have already experienced all that we empathize with, so we don’t need it to understand any more. We already do. Sympathy and empathy are the old way; the new way is unwavering radiance. When all about us is at war, walk into the battlefield playing our violin! Because we know/are nothing else.

If each one of us held the pure light of compassionate detachment and constantly radiated the purity of all that is the essence of true Love from every particle of our being, then we’d get this baby to pop! The new, creative solutions are coming to us as we seed all of our communities to live what this kind of Love looks like, and it continues to radiate out from there. We will happily clean up what has come before so that it all looks and feels and tastes and is better and better and better. The transition away from the old and into what we already carry inside is fun and cooperative and creative and resourceful and harmonious and successful. Really, we are just turning ourselves inside out. If we build it, they will come along – so just keep on keeping on and remember, to every question: the answer is always Love.

Corny, trite, pollyanna or ridiculous as that sounds, it is the truth. Really. If it hurts, exhausts, tries, judges, complains, wines, bickers, fights, resists, fears or runs, it ain’t Love. Choose door number one!

Honestly, if we didn’t have each other, we couldn’t do it. We’d just give up like so many others have. Thank you for helping me find my way and hold it so I can help you find your way so we can hold it together. Be it. Live it.

For us and so many others, we are,

Together all the way!




WindSpirit Weaver Carol 2nd March 2010 8:17 am

Reading this wonder-full post made my Heart sing, made me giggle (in re-cog-nition), and got me charged up for this day's Dance......with grateful thanks & Bright Blessings,
WindSpirit Weaver ~C. :smitten:

journey333 2nd March 2010 9:06 am


This one message from you today has done more for me than my own weeks worth of "trying to get clear". Every single word you said is so so sooo true. I feel like you wrote it just for me. <3



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