Message of Mastery

Beloved Sustainers of Light,

We greet you today with much excitement, for the time is nearing for the great awakening of humanity! This is what you came here for ~ in case, in any way, you had forgotten. Of course, forgetting has been part of the plan, and it is now that you will remember. It is this that is so exciting! In the state of true knowledge, you agreed to accept this mission of coming here, having forgotten, to remember again as God's extension of Itself on the edge of creation. It is all unfolding in perfection, the perfection that you allow into your own experience.

This is why it is so valuable to enter the kingdom of heaven by going inside yourselves to the "still small voice within" and to anchor what you know to be true in every way possible in your external experience. This is the coming alive, the great awakening. As you anchor your internal experience in your outside world through shifting your perspective, altering your energy field, speaking with grace, looking upon others as you do yourself, speaking about your inner truths with confidence, sharing insights through love to others, and acting on all expressions of your True Self ~ then the contagion occurs! It is in this way that we come to a full state of remembering who we are at all times, and the incredible power that we contain. We have already proven to ourselves that this power, misguided, can destroy. It is now time to fully acknowledge that with this same power, we create. The degree of responsibility doesn't change, for it has always been great, but in this direction we have legions of support, for we are using our power to create positively, rather than negatively. Same energy, radically different outcome! So now the onus is on us to create as God has created, by being the greatest expression of Love (that we already are) and holding the intent of perfection in all things. Think of the power of this magic elixir!

Dare to BE the greatest expression of Love that you can. Dare to believe that you have the power to create perfection in all areas of your life, and consequently anchor that vibration in the world. You are responsible for changing the world through yourself, not from the outside in, which has been the patterning of the past. The revolutions of the 20th century turned us toward ourselves, but the New Age is the awakening of the God Self within each of us that becomes what has been referred to as "The Second Coming". Only this time, the energy of love, power and perfection of Christ is happening inside! So do all you can to express the Master that is you. No matter what the thought, feeling, task ~ express it with the intent of perfection, and it shall be so. Whether cooking, driving, writing, shopping, cleaning, gardening, exercising, relaxing, bathing ~ hold the energy of perfection in all that you do. Remember who you are ~ one of the King's Kids! Be the royal blood that you are, fueled by the greatest power of all: LOVE.

There, for the grace of God, you are! Blessings, beloved ones.

The Council of Light



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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

The HeartLight messages are usually received on new and full moon days.