New Moon Solar Eclipse - Chinese New Year of the Ox

Hello beautiful ones, It is always a pleasure to be with you in this way.

What a time of wild opposites you are experiencing between the elation spawned by the new hope and leadership of Barack Obama and the old fear and lack and abuse and threats and aggression and recrimination and doubts of the past! Even those words are ugly, and so each one has had an opportunity to taste the glory of optimism and hope and inclusion and unity of the heart – which one will you choose in every now moment of each day? Which one looks and feels and smells and tastes and shines better? It is so clear, and it is important that this not be forgotten. Choose peace. Choose love. Choose kindness and possibility and expansion and oneness. It is possible within each human heart and mind to choose and live these things. And now everyone, in the context of a single day, has tasted its presence. Only the forgetful ones will think that it is not durable. Keep these foremost in your mind and heart that all faces of humanity desire the same thing, and it is possible. If you keep remembering, then it will help others do the same.

Do not look back and do not recreate any of that which you do not desire. Think of it as a clean slate, and while you have walked many paths and experienced many hardships to arrive at the wisdom you hold today, you can make choices in each moment that help you rise above the need to recreate the grievances of the past and learn anew! You learned it already in order to arrive at this current perspective – so just be what you have learned and then watch what incredible new opportunities come your way! Get it? This is the evolution that has taken place for millennia, and now you have the opportunity to consciously create – consciously raise yourselves up – into greater possibility. Why be shrouded when you can be free? Why be curled up in a ball in the dark when you can be dancing in the light? The old way is over, it is used up, it is complete. The new way is being all that you remember and holding that light and radiating the possibility of what is even greater – greater than what you currently can conceive. And then watch it unfold before you… 

What if there were ways to heal the wounds of Mother Earth? What if the air and water and earth can be purified again? What if you can return to the majesty of conscious inter-relations with all beings, animals, plants, and minerals, in many dimensions, in many realities? What if you could contribute, with all that you are and all that you do, to the greater good of the whole? What if your love was enough, essential, to the greater symphony of love everywhere? What if, you could do what you love most, and it was what linked you, in happiness, to your larger family and you would never again feel loneliness or separation or not belonging? What if your body returned to its original state of energetic youthfulness and vitality and you had boundless energy to do all that you desired? What if you had friends and loved ones all over the world? What if each new day brought insight and inspiration and new awesome ideas that made a profound difference? What if, no matter what, you were safe and abundant and loved, and that magical things happened every day? What if you were radiant and beautiful and humble and majestic and connected to divine source at all times? What if your love were enough to heal and change the world so that others could have what you have? Why not start today and see what happens? 

What was proven to you in the election of Barack Obama was that change can happen fast, that it is often spawned by the deep experience of that which is not desired, and that there are many, many others who share your same desire for creating a good and beautiful world. It is here. It is possible. It is proven in your experience, but now it is time for each individual to make a commitment to how s/he is going to make a difference inside themselves, which will then uplift their homes, their communities, their region, their country and the world. It all starts within, it all starts by private, intimate personal choice that contributes to the whole. We know the power of consciousness…like a giant flock of birds or a school of fish, it can move in perfect harmony and shift direction more easily than imagined. Cats are independent and go every direction, but an individual aligned to the greater good moves with the flock to reach the singularly desired destination. Once achieved, the individual freedom returns, for it is never lost, except when chosen for individual purposes…act alone for the greater good and all is well! 

We leave you today wrapped in the glow of your new creations, aware of your singular contribution to the whole and celebrating your accomplishments, for they will not falter, they will continue to show you the power of unification and desire for the return of Paradise on Earth. It is becoming so from the centre of your hearts outwards, as it was created before. 

With enduring love and support for all that you choose each moment, we are 

The Council of Light that is Within


k 25th January 2009 1:57 pm

I recall when I was a child, someone I loved went out of town for a day. I was told she was coming back that night, but I was still sad and mopped all day. When she did return I ran to her crying. Why was that? Maybe as humans we need to have that cathartic release when we know the thing we wanted so much becomes possible after doubting so much. A sense of relief to know our worst fears can be laid aside. Maybe gratitude, maybe just release of the pain. I do feel the world changing just as I have changed so much in the past month. I think humans are going to have hard personal choices and they will be held more accountable for what they have in their hearts. If they are devoted to the ideals of their higher self they will be given the tools to improve and overcome negative emotions, it is their choice. The opportunities to make these choices will be clear to them as God speaks to each soul. The time for tolerance of bad behavior is ending, it has too in order for love and peace to cure the damage that has been done to the earth and animals and to bring in the new energies of light.


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