Ride the Crest of the Wave

Greetings on this day of new beginnings, as each is given an opportunity to start anew.

We are pleased to have this expanded forum in which to share expanded thoughts and ideas, for there are many avenues to receive information, but not all are the most nourishing for the Soul. Each is to discern what is best for them and each experience guides what is best in every now moment for the individual. Including what is contained here, for each has the ability to know what is for them and what is not, this is the beauty of free will and the magical course of all in its reign.

It is a time of great inspiration for many as they are fine-tuning their connections with their higher selves and as the dust is cleared, more and more magnificent jewels will be shining in the light. As each heart opens greater, the expression from those individual hearts as they spark against each other will create great stirrings, awakenings of ideas and systems and expressions of greater love on the planet. Mother Earth herself is responding to the increase of love that is being built - a momentum of love that is lifting her out of the dense quagmire of old thinking, being and acting. It is for each to make their choice of which "side" they choose to be on...the side of expansion or the side of decline... It is only important that consciousness evolves, and that takes place regardless; it is for each to participate and support (or not) but the wave will carry those who choose along with it and batter those who do not. It is just a fact of physics. The greater mind knows that it is part of the greater mind and small mindedness knows only that. But the most powerful thing anyone can do is choose expanded thinking and being and acting at all times - it's intent is the primary fuel and then it becomes so. Expanded thinking inspires expanded thinking, inspires expanded being, etc. By participation and intent, one enters the wave of growth.

The change in seasons is a wonderful time to become attuned to Mother Earth, for change is an attribute of evolutionary consciousness...drink in the attributes of change to help engage you in appreciation of the magic of change...for it is ever-present and dynamic. Enjoy being on the crest of this activity, for it is the edge of creation. Like the crest of a waterfall or the curling of a cloud or lava spilling from a volcano, the dynamism of life is who you are! Be fueled by this and appreciate its power and majesty and importance as an external reflection of all that is taking place inside of you. Embrace change and new birth and explosions of activity - follow your inner stirrings of movement, for they will lead you to where your heart has already gone. It is a great pain of the heart that desires, and yet is too afraid to follow the path to the place where it wants to go... Think and feel often the expanded heart inside of you and know that what brings you joy and yearning from there is the edge of creation itself. Allow yourself to live there and express from there, for this bubbling up is the place you want to be as it will lead you to your own paradise. Help yourself first, then others will be able to do the same for themselves by your example.

Remain centered, neutral and strong. Be aware of what you allow to toss you around and what keeps you riding the crest of the wave. Strong and flexible. Balanced and clear while allowing the new to boil up. It all sounds contradictory, but it is more like a harmonious dance of forces...like the yin and yang, the forms spiral in perpetual inter-relation. The Taoist texts describe this perfectly for what is empty can be filled, what is strong must bend and what is fluid is stalwart. Become the master of your own power, to be both masculine and feminine traits, and you will have refined your "toolbox" of wisdom in all circumstances, in all seasons.

Congratulations on all that you do to step forward into the Light, to act with passion and strength to stand up for what matters in the core of your heart, and for taking the risks of being on the edge of creation! This is the edge that creates life and makes new worlds and changes each now moment into a more beautiful, more expansive, more incredible experience. Reach, stretch, grow, yearn, believe, expand, breathe, explode with new life! Don't miss another moment of the incredible transition that is taking place inside of you, in your experience and on the entire planet. Miracles abound...just be in the potential of them and you will find they are as ever-present, omniscient, as you!

In celebration of all that is born afresh on this day, we are

The Council of Light that is Within



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Co-founded by Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch, the mission of HeartLight is to inspire and encourage individuals on the path of Self-Mastery, that through a deeper heart connection, we realize that we are divine love and so have the power to change our lives, our communities and our world.

The HeartLight messages are usually received on new and full moon days.