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Every day is a new day. The more we release ourselves from the tethers of the past and the less we fear the future (because we are detached from the outward appearance and dramatic woes of the crazy world), the more we are able to be fully present now. What the heck else do we have left to do? Much more, as it is only the beginning. It isn’t back there and it isn’t up there, nor it is out there – it is in here. And so we begin again on this new day.

In these two weeks in preparation for Wesak, we are called into reflection to renew our purpose and commitment to make a difference. The expressions of the old human-created world have gotten so ridiculous that it makes our clarity and resolve easier, don’t you think? Surely we are getting close to a maximum quotient of those who have reached the throwing up of the arms in futility stage…but that means our work has just begun…again. No matter how absurd, unjust and even gruesome it gets, we must hold our resolve. We must be the light, the clarity, the calm that we have become. Having released all else, it is all that remains, except – of course – our heart held remembrance of all that is high vibration. We are the high vibe tribe! Placed all over the world as anchors of light, we have lit our lanterns to shine for all others to do the same. The time has come; keep the fires stoked, the glass clear and the lantern held high. All that we emanate is creating the new world, so make it beautiful beyond imagining. You are nothing less than Creator. “You can do as much as me and more…”  Remember?!

Now…about the ridiculousness. Wow. If your heart stirs to act, now is the time. Remember, the new way is not pushing against - for that perpetuates duality - it is to radiate anew. Feel the radical difference between the two intentions. Radiate, from your heart, in deep gratitude, for what benefits all. Experience the cornucopia of abundance in the midst of whatever you are experiencing in the world. Remember that high gas prices are perfectly supporting the creation of the right use of energy, so do not push against what is. Just move to radiate what is desired. The path of least resistance is the Buddha’s secret to manifesting anew. It is time to be resourceful from being in the expanded presence of the now so that Divine, universal intelligence can inspire us. If it is helpful and hopeful and radiant and you are excited and supercharged, then do it. If it is for the benefit of the collective, do it. If it cleans up the old and makes it better, do it. If it brings light to the world - our primary purpose - then do it.

Be the stewards of every thought now, as we are experiencing how quickly they come into manifestation now. Stay diligent and focused. Keep an open heart. Do not waste time in fear or judgement, because it’s never right anyway. No wasted time or effort anymore, there is no such thing. Team up with Mother Earth in consciousness at all times, for this can be a Beloved partnership. No more time to grieve our past errs, only time to be different and create the solutions, the new way, the path of greater light. Loving kindness prevails. A person who is gentle with themselves can only be gentle with all else. Participate in the light that expands the consciousness of the world and hold gentle grace as truth emerges for many that may be received harshly. We know that truth sets us free, but our compassion holds it for those who have forgotten or who cannot remember in their temporary grief. Everyone is choosing now. We honour the freedom of that choice and respect the journey of each soul.

Remember the importance of lighthearted fun. The wilder things get, it is important to disallow the weight by rising up in joy, play and laughter. Music and dance lift the spirit instantly. The birds will carry us away if we let them…they are playing a vital role by lacing our airwaves with song. Rejoice in all things anew. If it is old and stinky, release it or shine it up. Make joy!

We join together on this day and all days as members of the High Vibe Tribe.

Go team, go!

You Know that the Council of Light is Within


queens4freedom 4th May 2011 8:06 am

well said, darling! thank you for clarifying our purpose. you make it seem fun and do-able. love and blessings, angelique

COBALT 4th May 2011 9:17 am


Jayne-Mason 4th May 2011 5:09 pm

Beautiful :angel:

Deeni 5th May 2011 1:54 am

Thank You sooooooooo much Rebecca.

What an awesome pep talk! Just what I needed!

And the timing . . . simply Divine.


Nadine : ))

Angelika Lina 5th May 2011 4:59 am

Hi Rebecca,
thank you for this uplifting article. Especially the 'loving kindness prevails' was timely for me.

The challenge is to be kind to myself as well as those that challenge me to move further into the light.

warm wishes,


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