Wash Your Cells with Light

You gather for grand purposes. Each time your individual light beams gather, they are refracted in a prism of beautiful light and magnified for the benefit of all. You are few who contribute to the many. Each time a group gathers with the intent of magnification of God's glory, it is so. It is your intent that does the work, not necessarily what you do when together! It is that you have come together to magnify and bless. And so it is. There are many within and without you that require "infills" of light. There are many who harbor, in greater and lesser degrees, fear within their cellular system. The intent to wash your cells and very atoms (the smallest representation in the physical) with light is very powerful, for in this you restructure the DNA to its greatest potential of light. Wash your cells with light. Intend that you are all "clean" with your communal intention of purity and it is so. This will clear the patterning for you and all about you to radiate in perfection. Remember, it is your natural state, the tarnishing has come from human "exposure". It is for you to acknowledge the miracle of your humanness and the mud that we may pick up from the "battlefield" of our existence and chose to wash it away in the pure waterfall of light that reconnects you to the eternal source, the purity of the divine. This is you; chip away at the accumulated, the wounds and scars and radiate All That You Truly Are in perfection.

Hold this for yourselves and for all on the planet, for this is the Truth. "Every little cell, is oh so very well" and it is so.*

You are also anchoring the divine aspect of perfection, the seed of recreation. A storm, the weathering of years and millennia cannot alter the genetics of a single seed, which can regrow after the storm and recreate its original perfection. This is this seed of perfection that you are aligning to - remembering - your own divine perfection is just like that seed. No matter what goes on about you or takes place in your life, you are that perfection and nothing changes that. Then with the water of spirit and the light of life you continue to grow and expand and develop in perfect evolution. All about you does not appear to support this perfection. Remember only the seed that you are, and allow the storm to blow about you. This is what Christ meant when he said to "be able to walk among them and not be harmed". It is like we are all bees buzzing around the hive looking for home and it is just a matter of course that we all find our ways home. Each in his own course, in his own "time". Love it all in its expression, no matter how it appears, for all is perfection. All is part of the greater plan for us to all evolve from and return to our greatness. Do not miss a moment of this human existence! It is not to tarry or fear or judge or sludge through...it is to rejoice, be full and drink every last drop. Life is a delicious bowl of cherries, pits and all!

Feel gratitude for your being together in conscious fellowship. Know that divine light transmits through you at all times, but explodes when you align your physical (being together), emotional (feeling together), mental (thinking together) with the spiritual (meditating together) in unfathomable proportions. When you all bubble joy up together, the heavens rejoice with you.

Blessings to the centre of the hearts of each one of you. Know and carry the magic with you at all times and radiate the love you anchor here tonight always, in all ways.

Go with the light of the divine exploding inside you and live in your divine perfection in every moment. You are supported and you are celebrated and you join the company of heaven in your intent this evening. Go forth and magnify!

The Council of Light

* lyrics from the Kathy Zavada song, All is Well



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