HEAVEN #2428 Wake to the Sun

God said:  The sun rises with or without you, yet the sun would prefer to rise with you. It would like you to accompany it. It would like you to walk down its rays. It would like to see your face first thing in the morning. It would like you to rise to greet it, just as the sun rises to greet you. It would like to be face to face with you. It would like you to look up at it, and see how beautiful it is.

The sun is enamored with you. You know how that is, to love someone so much you just can't wait to see them,. Now be you enamored with the sun. Let the relationship be reciprocal. All the sun wants is a simple glance from you, a simple looking up that says, "Ah, sun, there you are." The sun doesn't ask much from you, yet how happy the sun would be if you would acknowledge that it shines, and that it shines for you.

The sun feels very personal towards you. It wakes up early to greet you, and it goes to bed late so it can see you longer. Long live the sun that shines its love on you,

Could there be a greater sun for you to love? The sun is the color yellow so your day is brightened. The sun lives to brighten your day, It alights on your skin, and it alights in your heart. The sun removes impurities, and it grazes on you. Look how loving the sun is. It makes your day.
When was the last time you thanked the sun for shining?

I send you the sun every day like clockwork. You have a never-fail sun. Even when clouds cover it, it shines just the same. It doesn't go back to sleep. The yellow sun stays awake no matter what. Wake to the sun, beloveds, wake to the sun.

The rays of the sun are like ribbons. The rays of the sun slide down to you. Near or far, the sun shines on you. Welcome the sun. It is the only sun you have. It is big in the sky. Now let the sun be big in your heart. Think of your heart as a rotating sun that twirls and shines its rays. From the sun, light, and from you, light.

Let each fingertip of yours be a sun that illuminates your work. Let every toe be a sun that lights the Earth beneath your feet. Be one huge sun on Earth that sends Morse code back to the superlative sun of all. What you receive is for you to return. You keep nothing, and so you give everything.

Who is to say that you are not a ray of the sun? The sun shone you on Earth, and now you thank the sun. You repay it. You realize that you are the selfsame light. The sun receives your light and accepts it as its own,

You are a light for the sun to follow. How do you know that the adoring sun does not follow you? How do you know that you are not a lodestar to the sun that is propelled to your light?

If there were no you on Earth, would the sun shine? Would it be so happy to shine? Everything likes a good audience. The sun is no different. The sun likes some applause every now and then, every day, as a matter of fact. The sun welcomes your receipt of its penetrating rays. I bless the sun, and I bless you, and you and the sun are blessed.



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