HEAVEN #2429 You Are Mermaids and Mermen of the Ocean of Love

God said:

Do you begin to see how you are all ripples on the lake, and how one ripple blends into another? Who is to say where you begin and another ends? There is no beginning and no ending. One drop of the Ocean is still the Ocean.

All of the universe is held within you and bursts forth from you. One atom contains the universe. You contain the universe. You are the flow of the universe.

I see your heads bobbing across the world. I see you staying afloat. I see you swimming. You move your arms and legs, and you sail across the world. There is a constant meeting of yourself wherever you go. And what you see, beloveds, is it not beautiful? Will you concede that you are surrounded with beauty and a bounty of beautiful souls? You are mermaids and mermen of the Ocean of Love.

I am in love with My Creation. I love what I did when I created you and all the fish in the sea. Will you love My Ocean too? Will you love everything about it? Will you favor the universe with your love for it?

Just love today. Your love needs no object in order to overflow. It is the nature of love to flow. In your mind, roll along the prairies and climb up the mountains and cross the seas, and wherever you go, there will be beauty, beauty, just waiting to be seen by you, The world blushes in joy when you love it.

Look at the greenness outside your window, how green it is, how it is a river of greenness. Did I not think of wonderful things, seas of green and skies of blue and azure oceans and blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, all manner of eyes? What have I not thought of? I thought of you, and up you came from the Ocean, or, We can say, you flew from Heaven at My bidding. I made a place for you on Earth, and you are here right now, O blessed Being of Mine.

Having come from Heaven or the depth of the Ocean of Life, what height or what depth can you not reach? What star can you not catch? What welcome is not yours?

Prepare yourself for Great Love. It is imminent, and it is eminent. Love is the substance from which you are born. Love is your structure and your inheritance. You are the bones of love and its expression. You are a fountain of love bursting forth on Earth.

This is an escapade you are on. This is your Great Adventure, beloveds. You stand on tiptoe ready to perform a ballet on Earth. You improvise. You cannot go wrong. Even if you trip as you perform a pirouette, it is not wrong. It is still your pirouette.

I love your dance, and I love how your eyes dance, and I love the merriment of your smile, and I love you whether you are on one toe or all fours. The thing is I love you. I love you without cease. Unconditional love does not begin to describe My love for you. Unconditional is too small a concept. Infinite love is more like it. I am not capable of less than love. You are not either, although you have fooled yourself into believing you are a perpetrator of less than love. You may fumble, beloveds, but you cannot drop the ball. You are alive on Earth. You have been given this wonderful gift. Life is a gift. It is not a plague. It is a wondrous blessing, and you have been blessed with life on Earth. So now bless the Earth, bless yourself, and bless all those who stand before you and look for your love, and know beyond doubt that I love you.



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