HEAVEN #2174 Being Human

 God said:

Being Human is not a bad thing. It is a good thing. You see it as a lesser thing but that is because you get tripped up by the physical density. The physical is the illusion. The physical is what is far-fetched. The Divine is more understandable. To be Divine is not amazing. To be Human, that is amazing. That is slight of hand. That is the magic trick. Divinity is no trick at all.

Divinity is easy. It is the landscape of rolling hills, endlessly unfolding. The Human is a brief interlude, rather like a cow in a painting set in a pasture on the horizon line. Here is this beautiful art of the Divine before you, and yet an artwork is sketched over it, that sketch called Human.

I capitalize Human because I want you to know what a grand thing it is to be Divine in a Human body, to be an angel captured for a moment, mobilized in fractured time and space. Human to you becomes sort of a cartoon character, one with great talents and abilities who doesn’t comprehend and bumps into doors and walls when he could transcend them. But he doesn’t know. He thinks he is only a cartoon character when he is Human. But he is not only Human. He is far beyond Human. He is far beyond the scope of his body and his mind. He is even further than his heart, and yet his heart gives clues.

What if you are not a mere illustration of Human Being but are really Spiritual Being? Is that not the case? What is the mystery, beloved? That you are temporarily encapsulated in a Human body, that is the mystery. That you are Soul is not a mystery at all. That is certainty. The physical is the trompe l'oeil. The physical is a trick played upon you, yet a trick you participate in wholeheartedly.

You have gone on the stage, and you offer yourself to be cut in two. The magician does not really cut you in two. He makes it appear so, yet you know and everyone knows it is a trick.

Being a Human Being happens to be a trick that you really buy into. In fact, most of the time, you do not see how it could be otherwise. You are burdened with your body when it is only a body, a pretty sarong wrapped around a beautiful soul. The sarong pretends to surmount your soul when your soul is, in Reality, far-flung. Your Great Soul relegated to a flimsy sarong -- what an idea. You might as well think that the ocean is captured in a net!

Your soul is a great ocean, and there is no shore for it to lap on. It encompasses everything. Nothing is beyond it. It is the Beyond. Who are you? Your body or your soul? Your money or your life? What kind of a question is this? Who doesn’t know the answer? And yet who has not pretended otherwise? All your life on Earth you are convinced that physicality is your priority while it is simply a phone that happens to be ringing. Your soul reverberates, but doesn’t ring loudly. It worries about nothing. It knows there is no emergency. It knows the Eternity of itself. It knows no bounds. It is irrespective of your mind and Earth life. It is going nowhere. It can only be amused by your antics. What, did you think it was otherwise? Did you really think your Soul is ever dismayed? It doesn’t bat an eye. It just goes on being Soul, knowing its Divinity while your Humanness ponders the meaning of life.



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