HEAVEN #2232 Angels at Your Feet

God said:

This thing about love is that it is your destiny. It is your choice of destiny, yet, when you see through clear eyes, you have no choice. You know the difference between a nickel and a dime, so what can you do but choose the dime? You know what love is worth, and it is worth everything. There is nothing that compares to love. Nothing in High Heaven and nothing on Earth. Love is all there is, and love is mighty, not as a fortress but as a gateway.

There is a surge of love brewing in the world. It is Mt. Vesuvius. It is Old Faithful. Love is ready to erupt and flow all over the land, such a flood of love that will cover the Earth in fathomless joy, such joy that you will forget all the foolishness you have been preoccupied with, such joy that you will only remember love and the joy it brings. All the rainfall of the past will be gone from the face of the Earth. You will not comprehend the meaning of words of negativity, nor will they be used. There will be no basis for them, so how could you possibly recall them or their meaning?

When all is sunshine, what would you know of darkness?

All the snows of yesteryear will melt, and your heart will be swelled in joy. Love will run off your heart like a waterfall. You and the world will be inundated with love. You and the universe will be drowned in love. There will be no recovery from it. You are sentenced to love, and there is no getting out of it. There will be a hundred million more times love than you ever dreamed possible, and you will know love at its Source, and you will be love. The whole world will become enchanted with love.

The metaphor of frogs will vanish from the Earth, for all men will turn into princes. When all men are princes, then all women will be princesses. This will be the era of princes and princesses. There will be no commoners. All will be royalty. Kings and queens will serve one another with offerings of light and love. There will be no litter, for everyone will pick up after himself. And, if he does not, it will be as if he had, for there will be no sense of other. There will be Oneness. To pick up a dropped rag or paper will be a privilege, for you will know thatanother version of yourself passed this way, and you will be delighted.

The whole universe will become a Maypole you dance around.

Everyone will dance in the streets. Love in hearts must have an avenue, and wherever you happen to be, that will be your avenue. Love will flow like honey. Love will flow. You will be caught up in love. There will be nothing to distinguish it from. The world will be a huge melting pot of love, and you a ladle. The pot will tip over, and the world will dance in love. There will be no pause. There will be continuity of love. There will be love.

All the fairy tales will come true without the presence of ogres. All dreams will come true, for all dreams will be of love already true. There will be such a stream of love that Earth will have become Heaven. There will be no demarcation. There will be no above nor beneath. There will be only love, and you will witness this love in all its Greatness. In between embraces, you will say: “This is good,” and We will sing a song together that will bring all the angels to your feet, and you will know that you are one of them.



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