Heaven #2236 The Full Moon

Catch the enthusiasm of youth. Do nothing to dampen it. Enthusiasm is My calling card. Light up faces as much as you can. Light up your own. Ignite enthusiasm all over the world.

You have choice as to what to look at and what to point others to look at. Look for and point out the shining gold, and pass by the drear. There is no need to remind yourself or anyone of the drear.

No longer think that drear is a fact of life. The fact of life is enthusiasm. Shake it by the hand. Find something that winds you up in the morning. Find something that makes you leap out of bed. Be ready for enthusiasm, and run with it.

And when you see other faces light up, engage the same light in your heart.

If you are a teacher of youth, dampen their spirit never. Before you are dozens of Einsteins and Edisons and Da Vincis and Shakespeares or One Christ. This is the way you must think. One word from you can uplift. Give the word. Overlook what seems to be. Herald even the tiniest spark of light. You are to light hearts and never dim them.

This has been called positive thinking. I will call it loving. You are transplanted here on Earth in order to give love. You are not here for anything else, beloveds. You are not here for turmoil. You are not here for anything but to inspire. What did all the Great Ones on Earth do but light hearts and keep them lit? They were like candles in caves and dark tunnels.

Anyone can see the darkness. Remember that the light of the moon is also in the night sky. Remember light, and reflect it in your eyes.

Within you is great light asking to shine. Give it permission. You are to be a ripe juicy plum or peach or mango or papaya, not a dried up prune. You are not to be the salt of the earth but rather the juice of life, and for that you give sunlight to the Earth. This day become a benefactor to the world. Benefit it with light, and light that only you can give.

Everyone who comes before you is looking for your light. Fulfill their expectancy.

When the world was created, I said: “Let there be light.” And now I say this to you: “Let there be light.” I have been quoted as saying: “Let your light so shine before men.” Now I say to you: “Let My light in you so shine before men.”

I have been quoted accurately as saying: “You are the light of the world.” That is the core of My message today.

Never mind what you have been doing. Shine My light today.

What if you were God for a day, what would you do and say? What gifts would you grant? What hearts would you light? Whatever you think of, implement it today. Picture it. Picture it, and you will have the enthusiasm that leads to your giving the gifts of your soul.

If you cannot imagine yourself as God, imagine yourself as the emperor of the world. What wishes would you grant today? Grant them all, beloveds, grant them all.

And if you were a supervisor somewhere, what inspiring light would you give?

And if you have always been a Scrooge, what inspiring light will you give today?

And if you are the Sun in the sky today, upon what would you shine?

And if you are the Moon in the starry sky tonight, wouldn’t you choose to be Full?



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