HEAVEN #2244 How to Be a Blessing

God said:

Your thoughts float on airwaves. There is no obstruction to them. Whatever your thoughts are, they enter the world. They travel near and far. They reach everywhere. Everyone is affected by them. Your thoughts are like a ballot, and everyone picks up your thoughts, and everyone votes on them on one level or another.

It is amazing how you can pick up My energy extended to you and echo it out in ripples of such endless variety. You would have only high thoughts, except your thoughts are rascals. They don’t like to be caught and tamed. Recurring thoughts recur. They don’t want to be forced out. And yet, you didn’t invite them in, and you may well not want them to stay.

This is a good reason why you want to engage in joy as much as possible. From joy will come joyful thoughts, and joyful thoughts, after all, are the thoughts you would like to circulate. Certainly joyful thoughts are the ones you want to receive. You want to win the lottery of thoughts. You don’t want any old thought. You want brilliant young uplifting enticing thoughts. You want thoughts of discovery. You want insights. You want treasures of thoughts, enlightening thoughts, thoughts worthy of framing. You are so tired of humdrum thoughts, debilitating thoughts, paltry thoughts, annoying thoughts, disagreeable thoughts, and lost thoughts.

By the same token, there are thoughts you want to invite.

Then there are the thoughts and pictures you listen to or watch on TV. Those thoughts enter the airwaves, and they intrude themselves into your mind. This is a good reason why not to watch war stories, or cop stories. I wonder why it is entertaining to entertain abhorrent thoughts. Why watch bank heists, addictions, and killings? Of course, you don’t want to watch sop either. 

Pay a little attention to what you let enter the recesses of your mind. Do not be so mindless that you drink in thoughts you would not like to serve anyone.

Seek out the thoughts you would like to share from the depths of your Being.

What would you want to tell Me about? A horror show? How unfeeling your boss is? What a careless friend said to you that hurt your feelings? A list of mistakes you made? What if you sat across from yourself? What would you want you to know and hear about? You do sit across from yourself, and I am always present in your home and in your heart.

Perhaps it is not so easy to direct your thinking. It has to be easier to decide what you will say and what you will not. You certainly have say in that. For one day, will you simply not say any of the thoughts you would rather not have?

And when it comes to writing, this is even more so. If you can’t write something nice, don’t write it. Or, if you write it, don’t send it. I know you want to create peace in the world. Then it makes sense to create peace in your life and not dissension.

As easily as you can, try this. Do not speak nor write anything you would not want to receive. Do not speak nor write anything you would not want to show Me. Do not speak nor write anything that does not uplift your heart or the hearts of others. Is this really so hard to do? Give this a whirl now, this very day, and let Me know how you do and what it feels like.

I am teaching you how to be a blessing to yourself and the world.



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