HEAVEN #2266 The Splendor of Love

God said:

Ego is a symbol of your not knowing Who you are. Bereft of your true Identity, you build a false one. From your mistaken sense of isolation, you build an image of yourself that is called ego. Ego is very tremulous. The stronger-seeming, the weaker it is. It is so sensitive, it is impossible to live in joy with ego present. Ego is grasping and can never be satisfied, for it is always looking for satisfaction rather than to give it.

When you know your True Identity, you can only give love instead of looking for it to be given to you.

Pay more attention to losing ego than you do to losing weight. Actually, don’t pay attention to ego at all. Don’t give it the time of day. Rather let your attention float to Me. >From littleness to Greatness, you will float. You will march. Here is the secret to happiness in life, and I am giving it to you.

Step over the head of ego, and you will know the Godhead.

This little strutter called ego puts up partitions in your way. It has enticing movements that keep your eye off Me. Ego dances before you, moves like a serpent, and hypnotizes you into believing you need reinforcement, that you need defense, that you need attention, that you need obeisance, that you need distraction, that you need anything at all but to give service to your heart, and therefore to Mine. 

When you know how wealthy you are, you can afford to be generous. When you know that loss cannot befall --  except for loss of ego, that is -- then you give gifts to the world. Then you think less about yourself and hold yourself in greater regard, in enough regard that you consider others, not as a gift come to your aid -- although they are indeed a gift to you -- but as a basket into which you tithe love without restraint once and for all. Plunk. Your love is dropped into the basket for all time. Your enormous love, your love for Me, beloveds, has to go somewhere so you deposit it into the woven hearts of others, those you know and those you don’t know. There is one huge basket of love in the world, and it is splendid. You are splendid. You are in the splendor of love. 

You begin to know what love is and what love is worth. You begin to know what your love is worth. You begin to know what you are worth. You begin to know your place in the Universe. You begin to know your place in Heaven. You begin to know the location of your heart. You begin to know how strong a heart is. You begin to know full well the emergence of your heart as Mine, and then you can only give, and only give without thought of giving. When your cup overfloweth -- what can it do but overflow? Without words, you begin to know that you give to yourself overwhelmingly as you open the floodgates and give way to love.

Love knocks on your door, and you answer it. And you find yourself at the door, and you let yourself in, and love meets love, and it is all Mine the same as it is all yours. You no longer look away from love. You merge with love. Love is no longer an apparition. Love, no longer sought after, but given, becomes the Reality it always was. You are the love. You never were anything else, only old man ego danced before you and blocked your view. Now ego has evanesced. Love has dispatched it. Love is in your view now -- love, Our One Self.



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