Heaven #2268 You Are Free

Is it really so important that everyone agree with you about anything or everything? Even when you are absolutely right, how much does it matter? What is your vested interest that you must have agreement. Give everyone their free-wheeling space, and have yours.

When you complain to someone, you are waiting for their agreement. Is their agreement really such a weighty thing that you would wait for it? What is it that you need confirmed? And why do you need it anyway?

Serve others, and don’t ask for much. Opinions are opinions, and that’s all they are. Here today and gone tomorrow. You may not even agree with yourself tomorrow!

That is a good thing that you can change your mind. Change it often. Reach new levels.

Not everyone agrees with Me. You may not. This is your freedom of will. I gave it to you. Now it is for you to give freedom to everyone. In theory, you love freedom for all. In actuality, you are not so sure. Not that you would infringe on anyone. Oh, no, you only want to be agreed with. You only want to enlighten others, bring them to their senses and your way of thinking.

This is a losing battle, beloveds. It is not winnable. Even if you win, you have won nothing. A nod of the head, a word. This is what winning an argument is made of. Don’t argue, and you will not win nor lose the nothing at all that is at stake.

Get on with your life. In life, it is like you are taking a walk. If someone wants to walk with you, you are glad. If they want to take a different walk, that’s okay too. You may meet at a certain corner down the road anyway. Or you may not.

When you no longer require someone’s compliance or agreement, that will be a wonderful thing. As you release others, you release yourself. No one has to conform to another’s thoughts. Thoughts are up for grabs.

Even if you are an employer, maybe you are the one who has to change his mind. But for that you have to listen first. And if you are an employee, you will have to listen and oblige, even when it makes no sense to you.

It is not compromise I speak of. It’s just that everything may not be the way you want, or even the way it should be. And your lack of agreement does have to be a stumbling block. You don’t have to make a fuss about it. You don’t have to get in a huff. Of course, there is a certain line beyond which you will not step, and that is up to you. That is your freedom of choice. You always have a choice, beloveds. It’s that you don’t always know what you are choosing. It’s that sometimes you choose ego over everything.

You are free to be hasty, and you are free to take your time.

You are free to disagree, and you are free to drop it.

You are free to be anything at all.

You are free to cry, and you are free to laugh.

You are free to create tension, and you are free to create peace.

You are free to give all you are worth, and you are free to give nothing at all.

Your choices will come according to the step you stand on. Climb higher, and you will see farther, and, when all is said, you will make choices good for all on all levels.



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