HEAVEN #2270 The Greater Awareness

God said:

Do you sometimes feel that you aren’t supposed to be enjoying the relative, or enjoying it as much as you do? Beloved, enjoy the relative for all you are worth. I give you permission. Do not feel that you are to abstain from enjoying the world and only be spiritual or more spiritual. Love what you love. Enjoy what you enjoy. Love whom you love.

Do not feel that you are supposed to love Me more than anyone. Be glad you love plain simple Human Beings. There is no competition between Us. When you love another, you love Me.

Let’s face it. You love the physical. You love the senses. You love flowers, and you love someone to give them to you. Ultimately, it is I Who give you flowers, I, Who give you everything. It is oftentimes easier for you to relate to Christ and Buddha and all the Great Ones because they had form. You love stories, beloveds, and you love pictures, and you love action heroes. You love mythology, so love it. You love Krishna, so love him. Everyone is made in My image. Everyone is My image. They give My image shape and form. You may have thought that it’s been hard for you to love humanity, but the fact is that you love it with all your heart. You are enchanted with it. I am the Creator. It is well and good for you to love what I have created.

I don’t ask you to think of Me all day every minute. Think of Me but not as an obligation. I am here always. Be with Me in your awareness as I fit into your life. Please do not think you are to love Me over everyone else as if it were a contest, nor are you to love me to the exclusion of anyone else. I am your One God, yet love Human Beings to your heart’s content

Of course, you are attracted to the relative field of life. That’s what it’s here for. You are supposed to play in it. Interacting with Me  in the Silence is wonderful, and I recommend it. Yes, it is everything, but it is not the only thing. It is All, and All includes a field to play in. Never force yourself to be with Me. We are together anyway.

I do not ask you to fast. I do not ask you to abandon the world. I ask you to enjoy more. You serve Me through joy, beloveds, not forced solicitude.

I am not a school you must attend. I do not send a truant officer after you. You will not be suspended nor expelled. You retain your membership in My heart.

Although I am the main event of your life, it’s fine with Me for you to consider me an after-school activity. I am a 24-hour activity, or rather, non-activity. I am 24-hour Being, and so are you. .

Two streams diverge, and then they meet in the Ocean. They did not have to sacrifice their flow in order to honor the Ocean. They did not have to remonstrate with themselves: “Oh, I shouldn’t be flowing so happily, listening to the birds, enjoying my waves. I should be thinking only of the Ocean right now.” 

Yes, think of Me at the same time as you do not have to think of Me. Let thinking of Me become joy. You are apprenticed to Me, but you are not indentured. And the time is getting closer when you will spontaneously know Who you are and We will be inseparable in your awareness as well as fact. This Greater Awareness will happen naturally and is not to be forced.



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