HEAVEN #2275 The Movie on the Screen

God said:

You have many questions, and you have been certain that you must have answers to all of them. Questions don’t have to have ready answers. Why do you think you have to know?

If you are looking for a particular job, do you have to know ahead of time that it is yours? Or that it is perfect for you?

If you love a certain person, do you have to know in advance that they love you too? Or that they are your soul mate and what your future holds?

How about letting life take its course. No more tying up all the loose ends ahead of time. They will tie themselves up soon enough. Life is about loose ends, beloveds. If everything in life were precisely mapped out, it would not be life. Life moves. It doesn’t stay in place. But life does not have to be settled anyway. Questions don’t have to be answered. Perhaps you have to ask them, so pose your questions, and then send them on their way.

In life, as it is, you don’t know much. You may think that all the past leads up to the present, but you can’t rely on the past to teach you a thing. The past does not necessarily predict the future. The past may have been a certain way, but that doesn’t mean that the past offers wisdom for the future. The past may be contrary to the future.

Let go of the past, and let go of the future! They are not yours to hold anyway. Nothing is for you to hold. Life is yours to look at for a little while as it passes in front of you. Life is a movie that you watch, yet it is a continuous movie. It never ends. You may leave the theater for a while, and then you enter the theater again. The movie is going on all the time, and you watch a part of it. That movie keeps going. Characters appear on the screen, and characters leave and come back. There is much coming and going, and you love it all.

The movie has previews, but previews are not the movie. They are just coming attractions. In order to know the story, you have to watch the movie. It’s filled with twists and turns and delightful surprises. Even when a segment is over, you are not certain of the meaning. All you may know is that it happened that certain way. It could have been another way, but it wasn’t. It was the way it was.

Add to the mix that everyone in the audience with you sees the movie from a different vantage. The screen is the same. What is on the screen before them is the same. But no two people see it identically. Whose perception is right? Everyone is right. Each saw what he saw. It is all true for someone.

Is life a puzzle you can figure out? Can you predict it? Can you keep it the same? Can you alter one frame on the screen when it has already been shown? 

You can think about it. You can watch it again and again on the screen of your mind, or you can watch the movie that is in front of you right now. What are you going to keep your eye on? What are you going to engage in?

Come, beloveds, there is a vista in front of Us now. Let’s watch it together. Get out the popcorn, and let’s enjoy this film. It is art. It is the art of life, and it is Ours. Let us enjoy this one movie that is on the screen right now. Let’s love it.



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