HEAVEN #2278 Great Light

God said:

You like sparkly things. You like everything that sparkles. Shiny metals. Stars above. Eyes that sparkle. Sparkling water. Even light on aluminum foil and shiny plastic wrap attracts you. Somewhere deep within you, you have recognition of the glory of light. You have some knowledge, dull that it may be, that you are light, and that it is natural for light to seek light. You cannot resist it. You are God’s light on Earth, and your light is not so dim as you have thought, as you have feared. The selfsame light that you see in the stars above is identical to the light that the stars shine. From their height, the stars see their light in you and are awed at their light they see reflected from you. As you look at the stars, the stars look at you.

Light seeks light. Any light you see is a reminder of God’s light and, therefore, your own.

You are connected to the stars, beloveds. The stars are connected to you. Starlight connects you. The God in Heaven Who created the light of the stars created you. He gave you light to shine. Those who can see light will see yours. Perhaps you need to rub your eyes as Aladdin rubbed his lamp so you can see your genie. You are your genie, you understand. You have all the power of light within you. I gave you My God light as surely as I am in Heaven and in you and in your everyday life. Because daily life on Earth is illusion – that doesn’t mean I’m absent from it. I exist in non-existent illusion as well as I exist in Reality. I am not absent from illusion, for even illusion comes from My light. I know the difference between Reality and illusion. You are learning.

Light begets light. The more light you see, the more light you shine. Look for My light everywhere. Look for it under every leaf and toadstool. Look for it even in eyes closed to the sun. See beyond any coverings, and you will see the sunshine within. Light shines out. Light is also reflected within. Your heart is an instrument of light. You must already know that the light your heart shines is the light of love. There is nothing like the light of love. All light is a reminder of the light that stirs within your heart. As your heart is stirred, others hearts are also. What is stirred but the light within?

If you would like to shine more of your innate light – and you would like to, wouldn’t you? – then look for light wherever you are. Light wants to be seen. Look for that same light everywhere, even in darkness. The more light you see, the more you will reflect it. Light is there for you to reflect. Pay attention to light, and you will become more aware of your own lightedness.

I gave My light to Earth. I gave My light to Earth through you. You are the one who carries My light. You are the light-bearer. You are to hold My light high so it may be everywhere seen. You are to unmask My light. You are to shine it brightly.

If you say you happily would, but you don’t know how, then I will gladly tell you again that it is through the love in your heart that you shine My light. If you say you don’t have much love in your heart, I say to never mind your perception, for I well know the extent of the light I placed in your heart, and it is enough light to light the whole world. The same quality and amount of light I placed in Christ and all the Great Ones, I also placed in you. As I placed it, I told you that you were to shine Great Light and take your place with the Great Ones, and I reserved a place for you. So I ask you to rise up now, beloveds, and let My light within you be seen.



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