HEAVEN #2279 Shine

God said:

There really isn’t much to do in life, beloveds, except to share your light with others. Wherever you happen to be, that’s what you are there for, simply to be there and to radiate. Whether it is at work or at play, your project is the same. You may have other goals in mind, and you may well get caught up in them, but what you are really there for is to swish around your God-given light. You are a 360-deqree light.

You may prefer to be where there is already bright light radiating. You may prefer to stay out of the darker places, but, beloveds, the fact is that you are needed where you happen to be at any one moment. Even in the streets, you are needed. Even in back-alleys, you are needed. There is nowhere that you are not needed, either for dire need or for embellishment.

Must it matter to you so much where you are when your function is the same regardless? Surely, in dark places, your presence will be eaten up more. It may not be noticed nor acknowledged. In that case, notice and acknowledge yourself. Notice how you have been fulfilling My will. Notice how you have been lighting up crevices in the wall or floors or ceilings. It matters not what part of the universe you light up. It matters that you spread and shed light. The world has no responsibility to recognize nor esteem your gift. You have responsibility to give it. And what a little thing that is for you to do, to turn on a tiny light switch as you enter a room and leave it on when you leave.

If the world you live in is a dark forest, then you are like fireflies that come out at eventide to remind the world of the magic and magnificence of light. No matter how small-seeming your light, it is light, and light engenders light. Bravo to you for adding light wherever you go, and leaving light on to shine whenever you leave. Even flickering light is still light. Even light fading is still light. Even light turning off is a reminder of light’s having been on.

Even in a bright room, you can beam light higher. You are a beautiful beam of light. You are the light I sent to the world. This is your mission. All else is an excuse for this, beloveds. This is why you are on Earth, and you need no excuse. Whatever other task is yours to perform, your main task is the revealing of light, and you can do that anywhere. And so you must.

You are like a singing bird that must sing. The lark may jump from here to there. The lark never forgets to sing. Sing it must. The lark’s singing entertains. Your light captures and enraptures. Sweep yourself up in your own light. Be sunlight through your own window. Be the moon peeking in your window. Be the bearer of your own light. If your light were a song, it would be sung throughout Eternity. As it is, your light is a sun that shines. Your light ignites until there is a dawn of light over the horizon, and the world is lit in a blaze of light directly from your heart.

You need no special occasion to celebrate your light. Life is the occasion. Today is the occasion. Today is the occasion for your light to shine as it has never shone before. Today is a signal for your light to blaze across the universe, so shine, beautiful beloveds, shine.



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