HEAVEN #2280 In the Mood for God

God said:

Joy begets joy. Let joy be the theme of your life. Let it be your byline, your password, your entry into Heaven. Let Us not be snobbish about joy. Joy does not have to be of the Highest. There is joy also in entertainment. Just bear in mind that joy is not mere entertainment. Joy is an entry, not an exit.

Joy does not have to jump up and down. Joy can be like the quiet reading of a bedtime story. It does not have to be a performance. There is great joy with Me, beloveds, when you are in the mood for God.

Of course, sometimes you think I interfere with your life, get in the way, cause obstructions. Truly, beloveds, there is no need for Me to do that. I clear your path. You throw your own stumbling-blocks, will you concede this? You have some short-sightedness or long-sightedness that obstructs your view. Nevertheless, keep going, beloveds. When it comes to life, you cannot predict accurately. You just have to skip along, on one foot and then the other, and see what comes.

But joy is not meant to be dependent on what occurs in life. And that’s where I come in. Your awareness of your closeness to Me gives you great joy. It is also called peace. Not merely an end to arms, but a settling in, as in a warm bed at night when there is frost outside. I am indeed your Comforter. Of course, I am much more than that. I am your Joy-Giver. I will exhilarate you. I will raise you high. And you will come along with Me gladly, for I take you to a treasure-trove of joy. I always have it. And I always have it to give, and to give to you. Follow Me. I will take you where you want to be. You may not know the name nor where it is exactly. That doesn’t matter. You can know that I know the way very well, and I know where you are setting out for, and I know how to get you there. This is what it means to trust in Me. I know the power of the heart, and I know the power of yours, while you try to fathom  the unfathomable..

There is no problem to solve, beloveds. It is just for you to proceed, one foot after the other. Follow your eyes, beloveds. Look up, and go where your eyes take you. The Magis followed a star. Look up at the night sky. There will be a star waiting for you to follow it. The star is in your heart as well as in the sky. Actually, you have many stars to follow. Take your pick. They are all there for you. You can take one at a time or all at once. All the stars are leading you Heavenward. Stones at your feet do not, although even stones at your feet that trip you are giving you the sky to look at. Is there a more beautiful sight?

You have been seeking the stars for a long time and yet have perhaps forgotten to look up. The stars are peepholes that will lead you to Me. They light the way for you. The stars will captivate you. Study them with your own eyes as an astronomer might, and just receive the balm of their light. Star light, star bright. Beloveds, you are your own joy.



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