HEAVEN #2281 1 - 2 - 3 - GO!

God said:

Remove the word problem from your vocabulary.

Perhaps you have been saying that every day brings its own problems. In that case, you are inviting them.

What every day will bring you is matters to take care of, and perhaps matters that there is nothing you can do about.

If you missed the train, it’s already missed. If your friend has left his body, he has left his body. If it is raining, you have to allow it. You may have choice about whether to go out in the rain or not. You may or may not have choice about putting on galoshes depending on whether you have any or can find them. These are matters you live with, the more equably, the better. Your attitude, you can change, however. You can make decisions about your attitude.

There are matters before you that are crying for you to decide. You have to decide what to wear and where to go. You have to decide which bills to pay. You have to decide where to put a piece of paper, to do the dishes or leave them, to buy this soap or that one. You choose whether to make an appointment with the doctor or to wait. You have decisions to make about smiling or being grumpy, to be kind or thoughtless…

Even delaying by not making a decision is a decision you make. It may be default, but it is yet a decision. Sometimes it is a good decision to let something wait. If you want to tell someone off, better to wait than to be hasty. Other decisions are better not to put off. Tie your shoe now.

There are myriads of decisions to make the moment they appear.  The decision for indecision or procrastination may expand into a major decision. You don’t need Me to tell you that delaying weighs you down and becomes too much to carry. The little things pile up. They nag you and get harder and harder to do. You even forget about some until there is nothing you can do about them any more. The little hole in your sweater has become too big to mend.

A rule of thumb may be: Take care of what appears this minute, not later, for later gets later and later and may never come.

When you drop something, pick it up that moment. When you notice dust on the lamp, wipe off the dust. When you have an email to write, write it. When you are quick to take action, how quickly all the matters to take care of disappear. And then your day is clear, and your way is clear, free of entrapment.

If you consider yourself lazy, find another adjective. Change it to energetic. If you have characterized yourself as someone with low energy, decide you are a fireball. If you have been diagnosed with a low metabolism, turn it in for a great metabolic rate. If you have characterized yourself as someone who cannot make a decision, characterize yourself as a decision-maker. You’d better change how you think about yourself, beloveds. You have undoubtedly been playing the same old note long enough. Decide what you want to be, and be it.

What do you see before you now that needs to be done? Find three little things, and take care of them in three seconds. Do not make a list. Follow your thoughts instead. The decision to make a list is a decision to make a list. It can occupy you nicely for a while instead of doing the little things that are before you right now to do. So now, 1 -- 2 -- 3 – GO!



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