HEAVEN #2282 Imagine You Are a Genie

God said:

From the beginning, We have been together, although there was never a beginning. There never was a time We were not, I was not, you were not. There is nothing that pre-dates Us. There is nothing later. There is nothing subsequent. There is no subsequent. There is the Infinity of Eternity. There is nothing else.

You have had a long dream, beloveds, from which you are beginning to wake up. It wasn’t until you started to open your eyes that you realized you had fallen asleep. You have thought the dream was true, and you didn’t suspect anything else. And, so, you drowsed in My arms, and you wake up in My arms, and there never was an in between. There was just a flicker while your lids closed for a bare moment.

You have abundance of consciousness, only you have forgotten your capability and your capacity. You almost certainly have, else you would be out of the conditions of time, out of dream, out of space, out of anything but immeasurable joy. If you have been out of immeasurable joy, beloveds, you have really been out of it.

Imagine a grazing pasture of love. Imagine drinking from the Big Dipper. Imagine being afloat in a Great Ocean and yet anchored to the depths. Imagine you have crossed the Ocean only to discover there was nothing to cross. Only in your imagination was there distance, for only Nearness is. Imagine you have fallen from a cliff when there was no cliff to fall from. Imagine the world as a trampoline you bounce on. Imagine how high you rise. You keep rising higher and higher until there is no place to bounce from. Imagine you are an angel who imagined he dropped from Heaven. Imagine you couldn’t see your wings, and so you imagined you couldn’t fly back up, although it was all imagination that you had anywhere you had to fly back up to. No wings were needed. Only awareness was needed.

There was a gap, like when you go to the refrigerator and for a moment, you don’t recall what you were looking for.

Imagine making a delicious soup, only you have forgotten its name, and you have forgotten the recipe.

Imagine you are a genie, only you have forgotten the words, and the sound of the words, that open all the possibilities of the world to those with you.

Imagine you are under a spell. You wait for the prince to awaken you. All the while, the prince is submerged within you, waiting for you to let him out.

Imagine there was nothing to imagine. Imagine there was only imagination or Stillness, and Stillness was inescapable, no matter how much you imagined otherwise.

Imagine what you could imagine if you gave yourself the leeway.

Imagine what you could create in the imagined world by the powers vested in you.

Imagine if whatever you imagine would appear. Has it not, and more?

Now imagine spectacular wonders. Imagine miracles of all kinds. Imagine synchronicity. Imagine joy unfolding like the petals of a flower, endless petals unfolding. Imagine the sweetness. Imagine your heart unfolding like a flower. Imagine its opening up, getting bigger and bigger and more many-petalled. Imagine the flower of your heart opening up until the whole universe is fashioned inside your heart and never departs one inch from it. Imagine how your eyes light up, knowing that the whole universe is within you, and never was anywhere else, knowing that the Wholeness of Oneness flows within you, and never was outside you, knowing that there is no outside you, only the many-petalled flower within.



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