HEAVEN #2284 The Wisdom of Love

God said:

From the beginning of your life as a baby, parents are here to fill your every need, silence every cry with gratification, their pleasure to fill your needs. It is true that the world is meant to be your oyster. The world is not meant to be a hard nut to crack. It is meant to be the milk of Creation.

Earthly parents have been wrapped up in their own distractions, and so you imitated and distracted yourself from the resounding Yes of the Universe. You began to hear “No.” You began to hear “Not for you.” You began to hear “You can’t, you mustn’t. This is not for you. Life is a struggle.” And so you struggled. Let this cycle end with you. Give your beautiful children a different inheritance, Star their beauty.

Say Yes. Have Yes ready at the tip of your tongue. Do not block for one moment the flow of love. Do not object to it. Do not worry about spoiling. Love doesn’t spoil. Love is not a concession. It is not a truffle. It is the mainstay. It is what you are supposed to give. You are not to withhold it. You are not to believe that strictness and restrictiveness are love, that denial is love, that refusal is better than accord, that obstructions are better than access, that your child has to be educated to adversity rather than joy. Be a fountain of love that can only give the wisdom of love. Enjoy your child. Enjoy with your child. You are God to him.

And if your child is going to run into the street, say No with so much love that the child knows he is adored. Love with all your heart, and let it show. Think more of loving rather than educating. Think more of giving than preventing. Be the parent that blesses his child at every moment.

This is not laissez-faire that I am advocating. I do not suggest timidity with your child. I do not suggest that you be a fool for your child. I suggest that you keep love uppermost in your mind. I suggest that you not be harsh. I suggest that you have great respect for the children I have loaned to you to raise on Earth.

I do not suggest that you give toys in lieu of love. I do not suggest that you give your child candy instead of time with him. There is no substitute for love. I suggest you learn your child and give him peace. I suggest you read him, and give him your heart unrestrained. Give him understanding. Give him a Open Sesame to the world and your heart. Usher him into the world as you would a visiting dignitary into your living-room. Your child is a visitor from Heaven. He is new to this world. He will see what you show him. You may think your child does not listen to you. He listens to you all too well. He learns your opinion of him like water falling off a log. Spare the rod. Be adamant with love instead.

Let your eyes shine love on your child. Care about giving him love more than you do giving him vitamins. The love you give has to last your child his entire life. Do not be stingy with it. Find that love within your heart, and give it wholeheartedly.

Your child is a gift to you. Be you a gift to your child. Hold his hand. Sit him on your lap. Let him know what a God Being he is. Let him know what he can be. Widen his vision, and widen yours. Spend limitless love on your child.



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