HEAVEN #2286 Your vibration is reaching others

God said:

It can be that the troubles you go through in life are for the benefit of others. In some sense, you are a model for others. You are a model even when you are not a good example. However you respond to life, you are a model for someone or many. They may vow to emulate you or absolutely not to emulate you. In any case, you have been a focal point for them. Whether they copy you or go in an opposite direction, you modeled life for them. You swayed their life. You imparted something to them. You were important to them. You affirmed or changed their life. You showed them either how to react or how not to. They learned how to do as you do or how not to do . They were not indifferent to you. In some way, you got into their heart and mind. Even as a passing acquaintance, you have.

You can see that, even as a foe, you may well have been a benefactor. Consider the same true for you. Those you wished to abstain from also affected you and your perception of the world.

The thing is to not take personally that which is visited upon you. Even if you have an illness, it may be for the benefit of others. Even if you have an accident, it may be for the benefit of others. One way or another, your life and what happens and how you view what happens are impacting others. You have a greater sphere of influence than you realized.

No interaction is by chance. You may not have choice here. The freedom comes in what you do next. It is better if you are not averse to adversity and that you not take it personally. In a sense, it’s true, you may have created it, but you may well not know why or how, and how much, and, when all is said and done, does that matter? What matters is how and what you do or say now.

If you stub your toe, how much does it matter what you stubbed it on, how you could have avoided stubbing it etc. What matters is your passage in life now. Perhaps you will hop on your other foot and keep going. Perhaps you will sit down and admire the foliage. Perhaps you will swear and scream or show frustration in some way or another. All the while, someone is taking your picture. Even when no one is around, a picture is taken, and you have no way of knowing whom it reaches. You can only know that your vibration is reaching others. Send a high vibration because that is what you want to send and want to receive.

Yet even in grumpiness, you are serving the universe. You have been a teacher all your life. You have been teaching something.

Now that you know you are a teacher, you will go forward in life with a stronger stride. You never did lead your life for yourself alone, and now you know it. You are present in life on Earth as a main player in it. You are not anonymous, and you cannot sit on the sidelines no matter how much you may not want to be seen. You are in the forefront of life, and you have choices to make, and you make them. Even delaying a choice is a choice.

You made a choice to read this Heavenletter. There is no way for you to know the ramifications of this, anymore than you know the ramifications when you read the newspaper or take your child to school. What you do know is your importance to the Universe and Me.



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