HEAVEN #2421 The Power and the Glory

God said:

When will you believe and accept that you are My beloved? When will you stop seeing yourself as some kind of outcast of Heaven?

I really did not send Adam and Eve out of the Garden, and I do not cast you out. That is an impossibility for Me. I do not cast anyone out. I do not dismiss anyone. Beloveds, I am the Great Includer, the Great Embracer, the Great Uniter. I am One Who loves you with all My heart. This is easy for Me. So, I ask again, why is it hard for you to believe that I love you?

You must know that I see beyond what you see, and I do not see the little things that bother you. I don't care what you weigh or how clear your skin is or how you exceed at work or don't exceed at math. I have your light to look at. I see you as you are, as I made you, as you really and truly are and would know yourself to be if you were not so distracted and caught up in the mirage of advertising and all the frenzy of the world.

It is not that I love you despite your weight or tooth formation or freckles or despite anything. I don't look at those things. I have so many lovely things to look at when I look at you. I use My Power for good. That is why My Power is also My Glory. Do not imagine for one moment that I use My Power for an eye for an eye, or tooth for a tooth. What a small god I would be. I am not interested in petty retaliation. I am interested in you, for My interest is love, and I am hopelessly, fatally, in love with you! There is no changing that. It is My fate to love, and it is your fate to be loved. Our fate is Truth, beloveds, no more than that. And so We are fated to love and be loved above all else. All the rest is detail. We deal in the big picture, not tiny fragments.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Your awareness of the state of love is the cure for all the ills of the world. If you knew, really knew, how loved you are, what would you care about the little things that you anguish over now? You have cellulite? It's raining? You can't figure out something on the computer? Someone didn't like your hairdo? That you already know better than to be concerned with these matters hasn't stopped you from making them all important. What would you be annoyed with when you knew the extent of love in your own heart?

You have wanted to be loved first. You have needed that, an overture of love. I am telling you that you have always had it. The Source of Love has poured love out abundantly for you. I will acknowledge that life has been good at denying you all the love in the world, but what do you care so much for the approbation of the world when I love you beyond measure? I am your Comforter, but do not think that I comfort you for comfort's sake. I give you the Truth of yourself on a golden platter, and I firmly and gently ask you to accept it. If you cannot accept it for your own joy, then accept it for the joy your acceptance gives to Me.



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