HEAVEN #2425 Enjoy More

God said:

What are the little things that make you happy? The little things that you enjoy? Enjoy more of them. It is good to enjoy, So enjoy then. Give yourself gifts of joy all day long. As you give to yourself, you give more to others.

You are One, after all. And your generosity exemplifies Oneness. What else do you want to be doing, anyway but giving joy? Certainly, you don't want to be denying anyone joy, least of all yourself. Start joy-giving with yourself then.

With every bit of joy you enjoy, you give joy to the world. The world is your cupcake, beloveds. Relish it.

Appraise the world less, and enjoy more. The world does not have to wear royal robes before you can enjoy it.

Imagine how bereft you might feel when you could no longer smell grass after it is cut, or hear the song of an unknown bird, or feel water splashing your face, or taste a grape from the vine, or see children at play, or any number of the joys of the senses and the joy of your heart. Take away the joys you have, and you would know how much joy you have had right along. Beloveds, the world is already precious to you, You derive a great deal of pleasure from the world. To the degree to which you are given, you give. So grab onto the joy life proffers to you so that you may give joy amply in return for the favor.

Joy is honorable. Less than joy is not. Manifest joy. Live joy. Think joy. Be joy. Give away the cake of joy, and eat it too.

What is the difference between joy and love? None that I can see. What is joy but love? And what is love but joy? This is why you are not to sacrifice. Even if you give up your physical life to save someone, it is not to be a sacrifice. As soon as you feel sacrifice, stop. Sacrifice is too vainglorious. Do your giving as a gift but not as sacrifice. Sacrifice is not good enough for you. Sacrifice is a binding thing, and you are unbounded.

Capture joy, and then release it. Gather joy for joy's sake. Joy is not far away. It is as close as your heart. Let your heart somersault in joy.

Joy given is joy received. Joy never ends. You have to turn toward it, however. Let joy be on the tip of your tongue. Cast joy at every moment just as you might cast a line in order to catch fish. Catch big and little fish.

Here's a new thought: Happiness is a habit you make, just like grumpiness is. You choose your habits. You can trade one for another. You say you want happiness. If you desire it, then have it. You don't need to limit your joy. Joy was never meant to be rationed. You were to have a super-abundance of joy. Decide on joy as a steady companion in life.

Just the way you choose to dance to one music and sit out other dances, choose the dance of joy and sit out the other dances that don't lighten your heart. You have had enough of the dances you don't like, beloveds, and enough of the dramatic interest they engender. You have had enough for a lifetime. Now begins your lifetime of joy. So is it written.



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