HEAVEN #2432 Be a Brave Dreamer

God said:

Can it be said enough times? All that which you fear is illusion. All that which you fear is illusion. All that which you fear is nothing but illusion. Even when your worst fears seem to come true, that is also illusion, beloveds.

You would be quick to say that all the lovely dreams you have are based on illusion, and yet you hold all that you fear as solid fact. Fear looms large, and dreams are hardly dreamt of. You cast away the gold, and keep the dross, But no longer, beloveds, no longer. Enter a greater domain of life. It's easy.

If you would believe in your dreams as much as you believe in your fears, you would turn the world upside down, Your heart would do a somersault of joy, and the globe of the Earth would upturn itself. Certainly this would be a turn for the better.

Your fears are pollywogs, and you see them as giants.

Your dreams are giants, and you see them as pollywogs.

And yet, not even your greatest fears need to catch up to you. They don't need to be biting at your heels. You don't need them at all. Let fear be a remote stranger to you, a mere straggler who can't keep up. .

Even when you fear for the life of another, no matter how deep your love and caring, your fear is for yourself. You cannot believe that you will be able to live without the physical image of your loved one next to you. How can you possibly manage in life without your loved one? You fear you have been left high and dry in the world, abandoned, deserted, bereft. You tend to substantiate your fears, as if they were a priority on your list, and you will do everything to fulfill these bar-hopping fears of yours.

Fears tend to be ego-related. Without the supremacy of ego, would your fears exist? Abandon fear, and attract trust instead. Attract boundlessness. Expand the range of your dreams instead of bolstering fear. Fear is not a good hobby to have. It exacts too high a price, while trust and dreams are free gifts. Are not trust and dreams gifts? Value them over high-priced fear. You do get what you pay for when it comes to fear.

Dream of a fear-free life on Earth. Dream of unimaginable joy. Dream of what you mean to Me, and no longer discount yourself. You are much more than your trembling fears. Shake out your dreams. Get them out of the mothballs. Dream Time has come. I will call it Reality Time.

Dream for all those who yet do not dare to dream. Be a brave dreamer. Dream of the beauty that is arising on Earth for the benefit of all. No longer do you dream so much your personal dreams where a Knight in Shining Armor sweeps you off your feet. Instead dream of yourself charging forward on a white steed and delivering dreams lickety-split. Be a dream-giver. This is how you uphold the Universe. You speak for it, you dream for it. You expand it with your dreams of life on Earth as life is meant to be.

Heretofore, you have being dreaming of fears, and now you will adopt another focus, and now you will focus on dream-gathering and dream-strewing. You will pull out a great dream from a magic box with your name on it, and everyone will see that his name is written on the same dream, and you will see soon enough that there is enough Heaven on Earth for everyone.



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