HEAVEN #2451 You Are Connected

God said:

You know happiness when you see it. What is so hard then about seeing it? You only punish yourself when you elect to be away from happiness.

Of course, I understand. You think you have no choice. You think you can only be happy under certain circumstances and are required to be unhappy upon other circumstances. Those thoughts are your choice. Those thoughts have prompted much unhappiness. Think less about circumstances, and more about love, and more about Me and our conjoining at every juncture of your life, and happiness will be yours irrevocably,

Even if you are alone in a desert, you are connected to the Source of Love and All Happiness. Even if you are alone in outer space, you are still immersed in My love. Stay turned and tuned to My love. Outer space means somewhere out there in the Great Beyond, but I want to tell you that reliance on the relative aspects of life is its own outer space. There is an inner space of far greater dimension. This inner space reaches everywhere. Inner space is far more powerful than anything you know in the world and far vaster, far-reaching. It is intimate and vast at the same time. Am I not intimate and vast? Are not you?

In the relative world, it certainly appears that every man is for himself, must be for himself in order to survive. How backward then is the world that denies Oneness and all its bounty. How bereft that world has been, doling out love and happiness as if their source and amount were limited instead of infinite. How paradoxical is the harried world.

Beloveds, do not depend upon the relative world for your happiness. Not knowing its true nature, the relative world has been stingy, miserly, overly-concerned with possession and loss. When you think about possession and loss, you are guaranteed spotty happiness, probably guaranteed great unhappiness. That is about as sure as you can be about the relative world.

Get out of pettiness, beloveds. Thoughts about possessions and loss is pettiness. There are so many greater thoughts you can have. You can relax tension, and be happier. There is no dire situation. Situations are only situations. They do not have to be the making of you. They don't have to be the source of your happiness nor unhappiness. A train runs along a certain track, but you have many tracks to run on. You are not confined the way a train is. You have millions, billions, trillions of tracks to run on. You even reach to the Great Engineer. When you nail your feet to Earth, it is harder to reach where you desire to reach.

Where do you want to reach? What you want to reach is within your grasp. It has to be within your sight as well. Adorn the tree of your life with multitudinous possibilities, with unlimited never-ending possibilities. Let your life be a Christmas tree with sparkling lights and a Great Star at the acme of yourself.

Consider your heart a Great Star. Is not the sun a star? Well, then, your heart must be a Great One. There are no limits on your heart. Your heart need rely on nothing but itself. It does not have to go looking for hand-outs. Your heart is meant to be self-sufficient. You are meant to rely on your heart, not on the idle words of strangers and not on the recorded history of the world. Support your heart. Feed it new information in the form of your thoughts.



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