HEAVEN #2452 What if you send out love today?

God Said:

The giving of love cannot be wasted. Only unused love can be wasted. What a waste of life it is when love is kept back, pushed down, closeted, cellared, delayed, denied, unbeknownst even to itself. This is the crime of the century, and it has been committed rampantly. You too have denied the love in your heart. You put something else before it. You chose not to be tender-hearted. You chose to bury love rather than expose it.

You have denied your own love, and you have pushed away overall love from others. You have acted as if love did not exist or could not be trusted. You have acted as if love were so vulnerable, it couldn’t be worth the risk. Beloveds, all the risk is on the side of hiding love. Love has to come out into the open.

Call love consideration if you prefer. Call love kindness if you like that better. Call love generosity. Call love that which occurs when ego is put aside. Evidence love. Reject the disavowal of love. Let the love in your heart have its day in the sun.

What if today, you are a person who loves and doesn’t mind about it? What if today you give smiles freely? What if today you hand out love like leaflets? What if today your eyes meet the eyes of everyone on your path? What if today you know with confidence that love is going to pop out at you at every corner, from behind every tree? What if you know that every word from your mouth will convey the acceptance of love? What if you are a self-perpetuating generator of love today? What if with every step you take, your stride beats to the tune of love? What if every sound you hear is love sung or love spoken?

What if you are not afraid to love today? What if, on the other hand, you are eager to send out love and to welcome it and to pass it on, love every which way, love in every direction, love like lollipops, love like Santa Claus, love as if it were free and you the hander-out of samples. What if there were no cost to love, no price set for it, no letting love go only so far and no further. What if love were your fortune, and you gave it away? What if you wrote checks of love? What if you thanked everyone for everything? What if the only chance was for love and love was no surprise?

What if today you were Christ? Christ for a day. Buddha for a day. Krishna for a day. What if that day were unending and went on forever and a day, and love became the medium of exchange? What if you really are wealthy in love and glad to give it away, pass out samples, strew it before you, trip over it, expound it, utter it. What if you are love for one day, and nothing else but love. What if you enter a lottery of love where everyone who enters and everyone who does not enter wins, and no one loses?

What if love were set free on Earth to be what it is. What if there were only love and nothing else but love, and you knew it. What if you are a proponent of love. What if you are an inceptor of it. What if you are an elf of love. What if you are here on Earth for no other reason but to establish love, to announce love. What if every teacher and every child knew love for one another. What if every mother put gentleness before strictness. What if barrels of love were rolled out each day, and nothing in the world was known and delivered but love, simple engaging love, more than enough for all.



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