HEAVEN #2475 The Secret to the Fountain of Youth

When you talk to Me, when you even talk about Me, your face lights up. Have you felt this?

Your consciousness rises, and you become closer to Me. I am talking about when you confide in Me, when we have a personal talk, when you talk to Me for yourself, and for Me, and perhaps when you are telling others about Me too from your heart as well.

In any case, when your heart joins Mine, you surrender. You may not know you are surrendering, and yet you surrender to Me. It doesn't matter if you are aware or not aware. Either way, your face changes. You take on a difference hue. You look younger, more rested. Quite naturally, I am the Secret to the Fountain of Youth.

In your surrender, I am able to relieve of some of your sense of exaggerated responsibility. You cannot give your heart to Me and continue to feel the merciless burden of worldly cares. Even when you are talking to Me about worldly cares, you are shifted to a higher level. You reach a place where I can take away some of the intensity of your burden. Of course, you unburden yourself, beloved. It is you, and yet My shoulders are broad.

Of course, I do not know burden. I have never felt it. It is not that I take on your burden. I am simply able to remove from you the burden of thought that makes you feel heavy-laden. Some thoughts weigh a ton to you, yet thoughts of themselves weigh nothing, You might as well trade in your worrisome thoughts for thoughts of love, for feelings of love, for love itself inasmuch as love is all over the place. No matter how great the love, love weighs nothing. It is weightless. Still, you can give it away. You can give it to Me.

That I will never let you down is hard for you to accept because you have asked me for certain outcomes which did not come through, and so you interpreted that as letting you down. What you've got to know is that My love for you is 100% guaranteed. 1,000%. Higher. Infinite guarantee.

In terms of the world, it may not be possible to give you personally everything you want. Your loved one's body dies, and, even though you are aware that everyone will not live in their body forever, you may feel I slighted you. You may or may not get the job of your dreams and everyone else have their dreams too. You may or may not meet the man or woman of your dreams. You may or may not many things, beloveds. I have no limitations, yet the physical world does.

Do not think that I figure out every situation, and say it is better that what you see as a tragedy should befall you when it is the last thing you want. No, what I ask you is to pull a plum out of every situation.

From my vantage, I can see it doesn't matter. From your vantage, presently, you cannot see. Of course, sometimes you look back at what once broke your heart, you do now see as a blessing.

Nothing is lost to you, beloveds. You cannot lose. Life may not give you everything you desire. The good thing is that you have desires. Your desires may well come true, but they don't have to come true. Not for one minute does an unfulfilled desire of yours mean that I haven't been at your side, loving you for all I am worth, loving you because I want to and because I am incapable of less than love. I certainly do not plot against you nor test you nor deny the wonderfulness of you. Just love Me. Love Me as I AM, the One Who loves you effortlessly and without cease, loves you forever, always has, always will.



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