Heaven# 2489 The Meeting Place

Is this not a lovely thing that we can sit down together, talk, or sit in silence, just be friends whose hearts meet? The meeting place is always the heart. It is a quiet oasis, and yet it is the meeting place.

Consider that there is one heart in the world, and it is yours. It is Mine, of course, yet so shared that it is yours. The whole universe is centered in your heart. Your heart is not a little thing. All is contained here in your heart of love. Love embraces. Nothing else does. Therefore, everything except love disconnects the Oneness, appears to, for it can only be illusion that anything can separate Oneness. To divide Oneness can only be illusion. The illusion is so far-fetched, it is like a joke, and yet it is a popular one and one that is perpetuated, told from house to house, featured in newspapers. It is as if illusion is framed and stamps of approval put on it, illusion heaped on illusion, and so illusion is set on the mantel piece as if a centerpiece of the world, and, all the time, it is illusion. We are talking about the illusion of less than fullness of love, beloveds. While this is going on, love sits in a corner.

In the world, often the real thing, the only real thing, this beautiful heartedness of love is overlooked, is dismissed, is ignored, is laughed at, as if a heart of love were somehow rather like servants’ quarters, in the back, not sumptuous, just there to retreat to. And so love of the beating heart takes a back seat. Love is everything, and it is seated in the back row, while, on stage, there is prancing, and the audience claps.

Let your heart be foremost, beloveds. What ease you will give to the world. This is a world crying out for love, all the while pretending they don’t need it, or need it only as a commodity, as if for show, like a new possession in your house to be shown off for a while until it blends into the background and loses its favor. Beloveds, when there is love taking its rightful place, who cares about the background? There is love, and the heart is full of it, and that is the whole story. Nothing needs to be told. Nothing needs to be set up.

Love is the feast I have prepared for you. It is unimaginable that you would not accept the love I have proffered you, and yet, most often, you have not. You have skirted the issue.

The crux of this disuse is that you do not regard yourself as worthy enough. You may make all kinds of accusations as to why you are not loved and why your heart feels empty. You may have desired love intensely on one hand, and with the other hand, you deny it.

As soon as you know how worthy of love you are, you will calm down. In that calmness, love will rush to you, and you will see it, and you will give it. You won’t need it as you did before. You will not demand it as you did before, and yet you will have more of it. You will have all of it. A little acceptance from you, and love is yours. All love is yours.

I have told you that love is your birthright. Nothing else is.

You deserve love. You deserve to love. You deserve all the love in the world. I will do everything so that you notice your worth and give and receive love accordingly. From now on, let love be your password. Love will open all the doors and never close them. Accept My love now, and keep it near to you, for I am centered in your heart.



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