HEAVEN #2502 You are your own planet

You are your own planet. You are all of it. Earth resides in you. Every bit of Earth has its counterpart in you. You are the supreme content of Earth, this globe, this ball that revolves as if on the tip of your finger. Your expanse is mighty. It is not that the Earth revolves around you. It is that you revolve the Earth. You are like the navel of the Earth.

You are coming into your own power on many levels. In your immediate world and in the cosmos.

You may feel yourself twirling, and yet you will be centered.

You may feel yourself off-kilter, yet you will be balancing on one foot, as it were, and have no need to pause. You will be perpetual motion, and it will be effortless. You are not used to effortlessness. You are used to strain, as if you had to hold up the Universe when it is you dancing on it, dancing on a dance floor of your own making.

Your heart is supreme, and yet your mind is too in that your thoughts exert great power. I won't say your thoughts are everything, yet they are a lot. They are a big factor. The universe is sifted through your mind. Your thoughts contribute to everyone and everything. Your thoughts are gigantic in their influence.

It is not your mind that loves. It is your heart. Your heart is everything, and yet your mind spins your heart. Let there not be offal in your mind. Let the repeated thoughts of your mind be worthy of a leader of Earth. Do not wince at this thought that your thoughts dominate the world. Oh, yes, you would wish to retract a lot of thoughts.

And now, here is where it is tricky. Your thoughts dominate, and yet your thoughts are also dominated by others' thoughts. There is a combination that can be called world thought. You may have been its slave. To be free, you need to burst out from world thought as if from a drum. Let your thoughts be worthy of a leader, not subversive as if you were a saboteur. This is your Earth, beloveds. You are consigned to it, and you are the consignor. No more nit-picking of it.

Even as you are in a daze, you see clearly. Dazed, you see clearly. You know the gamut you run. Deeply you know that a Human Being is a Super Being. How can it be otherwise when your thoughts rule the roost? It is never "mere" Human Being. It is always Great Human Being. Come into the parlor of acceptance of the Greatness that you are. You are capable. You are more than capable. You have an unfathomable capacity to perform great wonders. Behold this capacity, and uphold it. Be wonderful.

Wonder at the beauty of creation and your role in it. There are no bit players when it comes to life. Everyone is holding up the net of the Universe. You catch life, and you bounce it back. The world is of your making. It is the making of your heart based on feedback from the mind.

The mind fosters your heart.

Now let your heart secure your mind. Let your heart take its rightful place at the top of the world. Let your heart sing its song and uplift your thoughts and the thoughts of the world. I swing the baton, and now the orchestra plays, and you are the singer that sings your heart out to the world and succors it.



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