HEAVEN #2594 Baby New Year

And today, the day many call New Year's Day, is a beginning of a New Year and New Day as much as every day is, beloveds. Only today there is more awareness because today is called Baby New Year. May you celebrate Newness every day. May you begin life anew every single day of your life.

Life is not passive, beloveds. Life is like a horse whose reins you hold. Life does not just come at you like a wild tiger or like a slow-moving ox. Consider life more like an orange that you bite into. The orange already was juicy. The orange was just waiting for you to bite into it. Take a bite out of today, and get the juice out of it.

Yes, life may well mosey along by itself and wind up at your door, and yet it is also possible that you can jump on the horse of life and ride it until it beds down for the night.

Or, you can consider life a bone, and you wrest all the gristle from the bone you can. You do not have to wait for the bone to be thrown at you.

Have mercy on life, and help it traverse the horizon.

Life on Earth comes in increments. And yet there is only One Day, and that's today. Each day before you has a wide range of unfoldment. Days come to you equally. They are loaded, and yet they are up to you.

Consider life your pantry. You have a whole lot of cans of soup lined up. You bought them. You prepared. And now you can choose any can of soup you desire. All you have to do is to reach into the cupboard and select it. What is hard about that?

Yes, I understand. You see all the cans of soups yet without labels. You make a good point. Yes, you do not always know what you are choosing. Nevertheless, it is up to you to choose. You cannot spend too much imaginary time making your selection. Whether the can is labeled or not, you have to choose.

You have already experienced that some labeled soup cans had an incorrect label! You have been pleasantly surprised, and you have been grievously disappointed. Nevertheless, you must reach out and make a choice. You cannot have all the information before you make a choice. You cannot wait for all the information, or opportunity may pass before you can get to it. It's possible that any choice is better than no choice. True, inevitably, some choices will be made for you, and you have no say over them. It's also true that there are many choices you have full say over.

Enough theory for now, make this day as you will. Bear in mind, beloveds, a day does not have to have great accomplishments. Restful days are also worth their weight in gold. You do not have to look to win the Nobel Prize today. You can give yourself the prize of reclining before the TV with your feet up and watch the game. The thing is that you enjoy.

And tomorrow, when you go to work, and it may sadly not be the work you enjoy, well, then, enjoy it anyway. Why not skip along to work and wrest joy from it as a dog a bone. Why not make joy wherever you are. Be a sentinel of joy. Be a creator of joy, even at a workplace that is not your Heart's Desire. Lay a carpet of roses wherever you may be. Isn't that much better than a carpet of ashes or burnt-out dreams?

Why, make today and tomorrow splendid days. While you're at it, why not make this day wonderful? What stops you but some idea of yours?




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