HEAVEN #2606 Love Means Freedom

You already know that it is matters of the heart that matter. When there is something you care about, whether it is romance or creative endeavor, that is where your happiness lies – or unhappiness if you allow it – in the heart.

If you enjoy painting, enjoy it. Is there some reason you can only enjoy painting if you are a great artist?

If you love someone, can it not be for joy whether your love stays forever or not?

Must there be a binding contract to life that says you can only be happy under certain harnessing conditions?

Can you not be happy under freedom?

Who is it that says that the fork must always be on the left and the spoon on the right? Or that you cannot eat with your fingers?

Who is it who says dessert must come after the meal instead of first?

Who says work hours are from 9 to 5?

Who says what is too little, enough, or too much? Who makes these decisions?

Where is it written that all lives must look alike?

Who makes all the innumerable rules?

Can you not plant the flowers in your garden that you like? By the same token, where can you not plant yourself or transplant yourself?

Whose opinion counts?

My children get caught up. This is why you want to take some silence so the dust settles and you can see and think, rather than be swept up.

You don’t have to make your own rules, beloveds, nor do you have to accept every old one that is handed to you.

Let goodness and mercy take over the days of your lives.

Once upon a time, feet were bound in China. On Earth today, some of My children go barefoot. All God’s children do not need shoes. All God’s children need love, need to give love, recognize love, perpetuate it. No one is to be denied. Along with love must come great freedom. More than shoes, love. Shoes and love.

What did I give to you? I gave you great freedom. I give it to you still.

You may say I gave you commandments. Let Us say instead that I gave you a vision for love. I tell you to have Great Love. Does that not cover everything? Great Love does not cast greed nor covet nor steal nor hurt. Let love come first, and then there is no need for commandments. The one commandment is to love, and that is not a commandment. It is the natural flow of things.

Have love in your heart, and then there is nothing else you need to know nor rule to make.

Love means freedom. Love does not bind and shackle you. You are free to love with all your heart. Fill your heart with love even if you are hungry for food. Even if you are thirsty, let love abound. Let not love be bound. Let it not be packaged. Let not a price be set on it. Let your heart flow in the love that it is made of. Let your love resound all around the world. Let us hear the chime of love in all thoughts, words, and deeds.

Let the tone of your voice be love. Walk in love, and let your walk reveal love. Frighten no one. Be not afraid of the great power of love that dwells within you. You can love the mighty. You can love the weak. Love the weak, and the weak will become mighty. All will be mighty in love. I sanction love, this Oneness of Love.



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