HEAVEN #2640 The Heart Has a Different Logic

What you perceive is your perception. You perceive according to what hill or plateau you stand on whatever and wherever it may be. Quite naturally, you can only see from where you are. You can only see what you can see from your perspective. Fortunately, no matter what hill or dale you stand on, you can increase your vision and, therefore, your perception. You can do more than see what is directly in front of you. You can see further than the eye can see.

Your vision does not have to be blunted by mass vision nor by anyone else’s at all. What is true on one level is not on another. In the relative world, truth depends upon what keyhole you are looking through.

Yes, you have a mind that can envision, and yet you also have something greater than your mind that can see further than even the most brilliant logical mind. You have heart and soul, and ultimately they speak louder than your mind, even though they have too often been deafened by the haughtiness of the mind.

Your mind is like an investigative reporter who looks for facts, for evidence. Truth for the investigative reporter goes by logic and fact. This investigative reporter mind of yours is sharp, make no doubt about it. It finds proof or it does not. Because of limited vision, however, sometimes an investigative reporter stops too soon.

The person who contains the investigative reporter may also have hunches. Hunches, the handiwork of the heart and soul, are sometimes listened to and sometimes not. The reporter, hot on the heels of a story, may well dismiss the hunches because of what is logically laid out before him.

In this metaphor I am using, hunches represent the heart, that boundless heart that sees in the dark, that heart which follows no laid out rules, which must be free to see even that which no investigative reporter’s mind, no matter how bold, can uphold.

Logic does not hold up in the land of the heart. Logic’s rules simply do not apply.

Logic would like to convince. It does indeed have proof for its clarity. To the investigative reporter mind, logic is or is not. If it is not, then the reporter throws his notes away and starts on another story. The reporter is incredulous of what an innocent heart may see and hold fast to.

A logical mind might say, “Love this person and not that.”

And yet the heart may well cry out: “But I don’t love the one you say. I love the one I love. You have a list of reasons for why I should love the one you say, yet I don’t. You could give me a thousand reasons why I should love the one you say. I can see that each reason is so, and yet I love another. You can also give me a thousand reasons why I should not love where I do, and yet I am not dissuaded. I cannot convince myself of love where it is not. I cannot make my love come and go at will. I know what is and not why.”

That’s as far as I will take the metaphor because the reporter has proof that the heart is not always right by the standards of the logical mind, for later the heart may change its mind. Yet the heart goes into regions that the mind cannot follow. Only the mind says because of this or that, the heart was mistaken. Logic can go only so far.

The mind and heart speak different languages. See the heart as illogical all you want to, and yet the heart knows in a different language, one that the reporter cannot follow. Nor can the pulsating heart follow the language in which the reporter speaks.

Even in the relative world, souls sometimes have come to discoveries that the world denounced because the discoveries were not substantiated by the accepted logic. This lack of logic later became the logic of the land. For instance, Columbus sailed off the ends of the Earth and circled around and returned from America.



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