HEAVEN #2653 Love Abounding

What marvelous Heavenletter am I, God, going to record for today? What will I ask to be written down? And does it matter? I think it matters that I talk to you, and that you read My words for the secrets of love that they contain. Of course, My love is no secret, and yet you want to read about My love again and again. What Human on Earth can hear, "I love you," too often? More likely, not often enough.

I shall mark My love in stone this morning:

"I love you. I love you with all My Heart. You are lovable and loved. You are the sunshine of My heart. I, too, cannot get enough of you. I do not need your love, and yet I cannot get enough and I want more and more, for Myself and for you.

"I would have you know the heart of gold that lies within you. I would have you know full well the burgeoning of love that your heart is bursting with. I am a good subject for your love. I accept your love without any discussion of it. I do not weigh it, nor separate love from you nor from anyone. It's all the same to Me, and yet I crave your love more and more.

"I indulge Myself with your love. I throw it up in the air like a flapjack, and then I catch it, turn it over, adore and imbibe it. Over and over, I flip your love, and it always lands right-side up.

"As I said before, the fact is I do not require your love, but I do indeed like it. I do require you, beloveds, you, yourself. I require the sight of you.

"To Me, you are a lovely sunshine, bright bright in My heart. You well up from inside My heart. You are like a pulse in My heart. And so you were created from My heart of love, and you were created for My joy, and My joy you are.

"Not for one-millionth of a second do I forget you. You are the center of My attention. Yes, there is no limit to the center of My attention, and yet My attention is on One. There is One Love in My heart, and it is you. You are My Oneness.

"Do not think this is a blur, the One Love I know. It is very clear to Me. It is indelible to Me, the love you are made of. It cannot be erased. It cannot be blurred. My eyesight is infallible.

"But I did not come here this morning to write to you about Me. I came to write about you and our Mutual Love. Our love breaks all the sound barriers. There is nothing that can prevent Our Love, Our Oneness of Love, though sometimes you do forget. Oh, well, let Us enjoy all this Oneness of Love while I have your attention.

"Do you feel My love in your heart? Do you feel My love palpitating your heart? Do you feel how much I love you and all the joy I take in you? Now I would have you take joy in yourself. I would like you to carry on My love and pass it around, spill it all over, to even blast My love everywhere for no reason but the joy of it and because I ask this of you. You are the multiplier of My love, and it is this, My love, that I ask you to multiply. Without knowing math, you can do this. Just feel My love, and then you can only share it. There is a continuum of My love, and you are the continuer of it.

"No more words now. Just love. Just boundless love abounding."



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