HEAVEN #2654 Self-Reliance

Feel your heart opening to Mine, opening wide, almost swallowing Me up and filling every crevice of your heart, your beautiful heart made in My image, filling it up with My love voraciously, as if for the first time after a long drought.

Feel My love swirling through you.

Let thinking of Me be like pouring sweet cream down your gullet. Let this sweet cream of My love fill your interstices, this sweet cream of love, smooth like silk. Let your heart melt like butter, your cool sweet cream-filled hot buttery heart all ready for action.

That I love you with such abandon does not make Me empty. It fills Me. It fills you. And that is what love does. Love given fills you. Love received fills you. Only without sense of love, do you feel empty. So maintain your sense of love, your awareness of love, and your heart will always be overflowingly full.

Only love denied can quash the Human heart. Nothing can quash Mine. And soon your heart will be like that too. Soon nothing will dismay you, for you will be filled with awareness of what love can be, and how Our love is, and Who you are.

You will become the pump of love that others fill up at. You will fill them as I do, and at the same time you will send them on their way, for you are aware they don't really need you. They have their own connection to the Source, and that is where they are to fill up their own hearts of love. No one really fills up another's heart. You give love, and yet you send those who love you on their way. You keep them in your heart, and yet you exile them from dependency on it.

Christ loved, yet he did not keep hanger-on's. He did not let anyone lounge around in his love. He put them to work. It was enough that he had punctuated their hearts with love, and then he sent them on their way. He did not spoon-feed anyone.

Buddha dispensed love right and left, and yet he was silent. No one held on to his love, you understand. He gave love freely much as a mountain stream gives its water freely. And yet no one was to mistake Buddha as the Source of love. By his very Being, he made it clear that each was to find his own God-given love and give his own away. No one was to become a taker.

Buddha gave everyone independence. That is one reason why he could be so happy. He gave all God's love, entrapped no one, and he kept all his love just the same. His communion with Me was with Me. Why should anyone's communion be with anyone when communion of love is with Me?

The Great Ones reflected Me, and yet they knew the score. They were innocent and they were worldly-wise. They knew that each man must climb the mountain for himself. Of course, the Great Ones pointed the way, yet they carried no one. They carried no one because of their high regard for each man and each man's capability to climb to the top of the mountain where they would indeed find that it was not a mountain at all, but a beautiful grassy field, not a climb at all but a walk in a flower-filled meadow.

I ask you, beloveds, what could be easier than a walk around the block with Me? What could be easier than the two of Us arm and arm strolling around the world and loving it, and loving to be together in Our Oneness no matter where you imagined you were on Earth.



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