HEAVEN #2675 Be Glad When You Are Mistaken

Let yourself be mistaken. You do not always have to be right. You do not have to be proven right nor do you have to prove someone else wrong. What is changed, beloveds, whether you or anyone is correct or incorrect? Either way, it is a passing fancy. Only to an ego here or there does it matter.

Count your mistakes as great steps to learning. You are on the path of learning. Do not be dismayed because you learned something, even when you did not want to learn it.

Pretty much, in the world you live, much of your learning has to do with unlearning, has to do with your ability and willingness to let go. What is unlearning but letting go of an idea? Let ideas be stepping stones not ignorance written in stone.

A free Being does not hold himself to the past. He does not stick up for it, nor does he denounce it. He lets it go.

The wiser you are, the more you have let go of, the more that is out of the way. Then your mind becomes like a decluttered house. That is the same as to say the past is behind you.

As you awake each day, consider that you have been washed of the past. Consider that just as you can put fresh clothes on your body, you can put on fresh thoughts in your mind. You can try them on. You can accept or discard. Your mind can move forward.

Certainly, each day is meant to be new. It is new. It is a day that has never appeared before. Remember this.

At the same time, part of your purpose in life is to forget. Blessed is he who lets go of the past and looks to this day and never minds about the future. The past and the future are two fruits of the same vine of time, that scraggly illusion so timely, so honored, so taken into account. Time weighs heavily on you. Time has become a kind of censorship of your heart. Time tells you to listen to its own tick-tock rather than the beat of your heart. Time would put you on a schedule not of your making. Time would take over your life. It would push you into the past and into the future. It would tell you when to blow out a candle and when to start the car.

Time would rush you or slow you down. It is far easier to please Me than it is to satisfy time. Time is always hounding you. It doesn't wait. Because I am beyond time, it can be said that I wait, and yet I am instant. I am instant, and I am Eternal, and so are you.

You are so much more than you credit yourself with. You hardly credit anyone. This is one of your patterns that will change. When you exonerate yourself from the past, then you will begin to see yourself and others in My light. You are going to turn your eyes and your heart inside out. You are going to reveal yourself. As you do, you reveal everyone, and you reveal Me.

Reveal Me, beloveds. Understand what it is that I ask of you. I ask you to reveal yourself to yourself. Unmask yourself. Take off those old thoughts, and you will reveal yourself in the same breath. Thoughtless, you are revealed. Thoughtless, the Whole Universe is revealed. Heaven opens up, and you walk right in. You walk in with your conscious awareness. You will have awakened from the dream that you were ever anywhere else, for never has there been anywhere else to be.

Your thoughts have convinced you otherwise. Now you are stepping out of time and all its temporary thoughts. What is left then but you and I, Our Oneness Revealed in Its Eternal Self?



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