HEAVEN #2676 The Next Person You See

Beloved beloveds, you stir My heart. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you stir My heart to great joy.

Come with Me, and see the vistas beyond the horizon that you presently see. Actually, you do not have to see beyond. Just look at the horizon, and your heart will be fortified with Our Vastness. How vast are Our hearts. How far they reach and to such heights! The depth of your heart reaches all the way to Heaven where your heart belongs. Your heart belongs with Mine. I give you My heart, and you give Me yours. Soon enough Our hearts become interchangeable. You are beginning to know the vastness of your heart. Surely your heart has burst its bonds. Your heart is no longer stuck here or there. Your heart has uprooted itself, and now it soars. Now it flies. Now your heart is a free-flying expounder of love. There is no measured distance to love. Love is, and that's it. That's the story of love. It exists everywhere. Love cannot stay in one place. It does leave where it is, and yet it travels further and exists everywhere.

The heart never leaves home, and yet it seeks to give itself everywhere. The heart is no respecter of anything but itself. Given its own say, your heart is as straight as an arrow to the core of love. Love alights. It gives itself no matter what, no matter where. Invisible love is made visible. Love finds itself all over the place. It is never lost.

Love cannot diminish. Your heart gives its love away, and so your heart is replenished. Like a butterfly, your heart alights. Unlike a butterfly, your heart can alight anywhere. Your heart does have to choose. It does not require sweetness before it alights. Your heart can alight anywhere and everywhere. It will turn whatever it touches into sweetness. What a catalyst love is. What a multiplier. What an instigator.

Your heart, left to its own devices, recognizes that there is no separation when it comes to love. There is no his love or her love, or your love or someone else's. There is no big love, small love. There is love, and it belongs to everyone. There is a melting pot of love. Love is like a breath you exhale. You didn't even have to inhale, for the love within your heart exists for everyone and for all timeless time.

Love is the heart of you. Love is your very existence.

How can it be then that you ever imagine you feel unlovely and loveless? What nonsense of perception is this? The love in your heart will never abandon you. If you feel loveless, it must be you have turned away. The good thing is that now you can turn once again to the love in your heart and not imagine you depart ever again. Love is your sustenance, and it is your gift. If you feel emptied of love, let Me stir the love in your heart.

Love is not skinny, beloveds. It cannot be anemic. Love can only be full. If you feel that love is absent from your heart, then come to Mine. Come to My heart. Come over to My heart. Submerge yourself in it. It is for you to take. Take all My love, and know it is yours. It is for you. Fill your heart with it. There is enough love for all, and I will not have you feel bereft of it. You stir My heart even in your darkest moments. Come now, let Me stir yours. See how nice My love is. See how it flows to your heart. See your heart wake up to itself. See how full your heart can get.

Picture My love pouring into your heart. I am filling your heart now with My Heart of Molten Gold. Fill up, beloveds, to your heart's content, and give My love away to the next person you see.



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