HEAVEN #2677 Let Love Have Its Say

Your heart can dry out, however, from lack of use. The cure is to use your heart. Even if your heart has become rusty, it can be restored to its original shine. Take your heart out of storage. Let your heart wait for nothing. Let it not wait for a golden moment. Take your heart out of the mothballs right now.

This is the golden moment for love. No longer batten down the love in your heart. Belittle love no more.

The love in your heart is the most beautiful thing in the world. Why, beloveds, it is your connection to Me! Your mind isn't. Your heart is. It was ever so. Your heart is like an umbilical cord. Can you say it is not?

Do you need a debriefing? Are you so misinformed that you think the heart is simply to pump blood? Nothing is the little that you may think it is. You are more than a physical body. The heart is more than physical. Your heart joins your soul to your body, and your heart joins you to Me. We are joined heart and soul. There is no unjoining.

There is nothing under the sun that isn't more than you credit it to be. Nothing. All is more. You are more, and everything else is also more. There is more of everything, and everything is more than you perceive.

Love is more than you perceive. It is far more than you perceive. Even games you play are more than you perceive. Surely love is.

No one has less heart nor more heart than another. No one. The difference is in the usage of the heart. Definitely some use their heart more than others. The heart has an infinite capacity, so the ones who love the most still don't love enough. There is no end to love, and yet My beloveds on Earth all too often cut off their love. They snip it off, believing that they have given enough. There is never too much love. You cannot overdo with the pure sending of love.

Do not mistake indulgence as love. Indulgence is not love. It may be the line of least resistance.

I am talking about Love, beloveds. I am talking about Love as you have never known it before, expressed it before, seen it before, thought of it before. Love has no quarter, beloveds. Love is swirling itself everywhere right now. There is no stopping love. Don't stop your love. Let it unfurl and unfurl. Simply be full of love. What else do you want to occupy your spin on Earth with? Drivel? Discussions? Definitions of what's right and what's wrong? Departures from love like: Who said what to whom? Disabilities? Do you really want to occupy yourself with what can be discarded when love cannot? Love cannot be discarded. Love must be upheld.

And you are to uphold it. Do not hold back a fraction of an inch of love. Disburse love instead. Let love burst from the confines you have made. Dispense with barriers. Do not think you are smart to be snobbish about love. Love is not to be elite. Love is to demolish anything and everything in its way. Once and for all, beloveds, let love have its way. Let love have its say. Let love take over the Universe. Let love dispel everything in its path. Get yourself out of the way of love. Let loose the love in your heart. Rein it in no longer.

Let love be rampant on Earth as it is in Heaven.


Penny 24th March 2008 8:03 pm

Juat wanted to share a beautiful quote....

Love is always patient and kind; it is never jealous; love is never boastful or conceited; it is never rude or selfish; it does not take offence, and is not resentful. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes. Love does not come to an end.