HEAVEN #2679 How It Is in Heaven

There is no one holier than another. There are those who create more harmony than others. There are those easier to work with. There are those who help others and do not hinder. Yet there is no holy of the holies. There is no holier than thou.

Christ and the other Great Ones lived their Wholeness. They lived My Wholeness. They stood out because of their simplicity. Perhaps by holiness the world means simplicity. Surely the Great Ones had oneness of purpose. They were not all over the place. They had a focus, and I was their focus. I was It. They never thought they were It. They did not swagger. They gave unto God what is God's.

Every man on Earth is a seeker. Some seek greater, and some seek lesser. Some go one way, and some go another, yet each is seeking greater happiness. Some seek to give happiness more than others. Some seek to grab what they can more than others. Diverse are the paths to the happiness that man seeks. And yet there is One Source, and there is One Destination. All streams do meet in the Ocean of My Love.

On the day you leave the premises of your body, Heaven will give you a great welcome. You will never have felt so welcomed. On Earth, you're in today and out tomorrow. In Heaven, no one is favored. All are favored. No one is singled out. By the very act of leaving the body, all souls enter Heaven. There is no relativity here, so how could there be a first and a last?

The world is full of singling people out, but not Heaven. In Heaven, there is great rejoicing for all. Surely there are no separate lines to stand in. Surely souls aren't sorted. All are welcome, and all are welcomed. No one gets a better party than anyone else. What kind of Heaven would that be if it merely continued the categories and judgment of the world of Earth?

I do not have stepchildren. It is as simple as that.

Then someone might say, "What is the good of being good while on Earth if it doesn't make a difference in Heaven?"

The answer is that it makes all the difference in the world to you and those around you on Earth. You feel what you give. You feel what you create. You make your life on Earth. Whatever the circumstances, you make it more worthy or less worthy. You make of yourself what you will.

While you are on Earth, you are seeking Heaven. While you are on Earth, you can make your stay easier, more kindly, more beneficial for you and for the rest of Humanity. While you are on Earth, you are practicing being a Human Being. You try on the suit of Humankind. You have your choice of any suit. It is not thrust upon you. You may change the clothes you wear at any time. Yet naked you were born, and naked you return. A soul entered a body. A soul leaves the body. Where are the identifying marks of the soul?

Some on Earth are greater learners than others. Some are greater teachers than others, yet all learn, and all teach. All teach something. Teach what you will. You choose the legacy you leave.

In Heaven, you continue to grow, and yet you have graduated to Heaven where no one is superior, and no one is inferior. Heaven is a well-run establishment of love. Love does not say, "You may come in. This one may not." Love does not say, "You are worthy of love, and this one is not." Love does not put price tags on its constituents. Love has no pretensions. Now, why must you?



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