HEAVEN #2680 Seek the Sun

Yes, you want to be one-pointed in life. You want to have a dream to follow. You do want to be purposeful. You want to have something in mind, some decision you make as to where you want to go. Perhaps even unconsciously you desire to excel in something, perhaps to uplift the world. This is a very achievable goal, beloveds. In any case, you are not ambling and wandering as much as you may think. You are the one who decides which turn in the road you will take.

To be one-pointed does not mean that you are not to consider other possibilities.

When you may feel that life is bleak, this is when to think of other possibilities. This is the time to consider what you would like to see, have happen, grow from. When you are feeling down, of course, this is the time to look at the light. More than gloom exists in the world. The bright sun is only a glance away. I encourage you to think of the sun with My blessings.

When good opportunity comes your way, then this is the time NOT to consider all the other possibilities that you are so good at thinking of, like, "What if this good time doesn't last? What if something goes wrong? What about all the wrongs in the world? How can I be happy and well-fed when there are others who are unhappy and hungry?"

I do not tell you to be selfish. I do tell you that when you are in the dark, turn on the light. I do tell you that when you are in the light, beloveds, do not pull down the shades on yourself. Above all, do not.

But have you not done that, perhaps even not so very long ago? Have you, perhaps, been feeling in great health, and then started wondering how long you will be in good health, how long before the axe falls? Do you see, beloveds, that there are possibilities better not to consider. Do not preach doom to yourself. Think of all the good possibilities that could occur. Think of the ones you would like to occur. Think of one or two great possibilities and keep right on thinking of more. The possibilities for joy are limitless. Do not limit them with take-away thoughts.

Do you perceive the difference in how you feel when you think one way, and how you feel when you think another way? Pay attention to where happiness lies, and go there. If you let your thoughts pursue their fears, you sabotage yourself. Why would you do that? Why would you? Certainly you don't imagine that you need to be in the know? Certainly you don't think that you need to be up on the latest news?

Let mass consciousness come to your way of thinking, and don't you go to its. If others like to buzz with the troubles of the world, that is their choice and there's not much you can do about it except to choose to take a higher road. When it comes to you, you can make your own choice. I encourage you to do so. There is plenty of negativity in the extant world. Why on Earth would you chime in?

Make some good decisions for yourself. No one can make them for you. No one will make them for you. Even I will not make them for you.

Be one-pointed today so that you will simply follow goodness and mercy on Earth and contribute to joy for all.