Heaven #2682 In the Heart of God

In this moment of non-time, you are secure in the center of My heart. I never ever let go of you. You are My beloved. It is not that I restrain you in the recesses of My heart. I release you. I free you to play in the world, full well knowing that We are intimately connected beyond your fathoming.

It is like you have a remote button you can always press to summon Me to your awareness. All you have to do is to think God. Think God, and then a ray of Our Connectedness shines in your heart.

If We were a jump rope, We would be one jump rope with two handles. Still, We'd be one jump rope. See how We twirl. See the waves of the rope of Us turning, spinning, wrapping Our One Self around nothing, just moving and then returning to place. We hold Ourselves in Our two hands, as it were. We express Ourselves, and then We return to place. All the while, We stand still in the core of My heart, you and I in Our Oneness.

Or you could say We are a spinning top. We spin, and all the while, We are simply a top. A top is a top whether it is in motion or still. Is a top still a top whether it knows it or not? Do you know you are the Child of My Heart? Do you know Who you are, beloveds? Do you know what you are made of? Do you know why you spin, and why you stay still? Even a spinning top spins in stillness. And you, beloveds, you too move in the world in stillness, so connected are you to the Heart of Me. No matter how far you travel, no matter what you may feel, you spin in My heart. You are the spinning wheels of My heart.

A yo-yo goes up and down held by a hand. By itself, a yo-yo cannot spin. By itself, it is inert. Held by hand as if a wand, the yo-you goes up and down. It yields to a string held by a hand. It is the yo-yo that moves, and yet it is the hand that moves it. It is My heart that moves you, beloveds.

Because of My heart which you now know is yours, you are vibrant. Without Our entwined hearts, you would be inert.

Do you accept this? If yes, then know that We are together in this adventure you are on. We are in this life together. You are a messenger of Me to the world, and you are also a messenger of the world to Me. You are My Experiencer. I am the Everything so you experience an aspect of Me, and you tell Me about it.

You wait for Me to explain life to you, and yet you are the one who daily explains life to Me. You demonstrate life to Me, that is.

We are in a movie together. The movie reel spins, and We watch what it spins. We are the spun, and We are the spinning, and We are the spinners. And we are the Watchers. We watch Ourselves on the screen. We watch the moving parts of life, and yet We are immersed in stillness. We don't move a muscle. We are entrained in My One Heart of Love. We do not travel at all. Just on the movie screen do we seem to go hither and yon and back and forth and up and down and this way and that. And yet, even so, Our hearts simply hold hands, so immersed are We in love for Our One Self.



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