Heaven #2692 Let This Be You

Today is your debut. This is the day of your coming-out party. You are coming out of the past and beginning a new venture. This is the springtime of your life. No matter what, no matter your age and circumstances, you are taking a new step, and you know now that you are walking right into My heart. You come right in, and you tell Me a story. You tell Me how your day is going.

Of course, I have accompanied you all along. You are not telling Me anything new. Nevertheless, I am happy to listen to you reveal your story to Me. Your story is entitled "My Life and Times." You are the one telling it, and you scripted a lot of it too.

Every day you write your own story. You may or may not have an outline. Even if you do, you may or may not be able to follow it.

You have an intention every day. I do not mean the intentions to accomplish this task or that, but rather your deeper intentions, a more subtle level of intention, like your intention to do well by the world, like your intention to be happy, to give happiness, like your intention to give up selfishness, like your intention to grow, like your intention to love and to love from now on. Let Us call your story then "My Intention to Love." Carry that intention. It is like a high beam of light that you shine on your life.

Let your intention be more than to merely get through the day without too much debris.

Let's entitle your story "How I Create a Beautiful Day in My Life." What a great title for the beginning of a day. Let everyone steal that title from you. Let it be mass-produced. Let's put it on your calendar.

What will be the story of your life today? You can only write it as you go along. You know that. There are twists and turns to your story. They cannot all be predicted nor prevented nor made to your specification. All you know is that you have a day before you, and that, regardless of everything else, it is up to you to create it. Beloveds, whose day is it if not yours? Perhaps you slip and fall down on ice. You might protest that you did not create the fall, you did not incur it, for who would incur it, you say. And yet you fell - who is there to argue with about it? Your fall is already past. Now what do you do? This is what I am talking about. What do you do now? Your fall does not have to be your downfall.

Here is where you definitely have choices. You can get up. You can be of good cheer. Even if you cannot physically lift yourself, you can get up. You can be what you want to be. You can, spiritually speaking, get up, brush yourself off, and embrace a new balance in your life.

Even if your ankle twisted or broke, you, beloveds, have choices. You may not have a choice about sitting around with your foot up for a while, but how you greet this experience is entirely up to you. Even if you are in pain, how you choose to deal with the pain, that is up to you. If not you, who then?

You may not be able to release yourself from pain, yet you can release yourself from its hold on you. Pain, physical or emotional, does not have to ruin your day. Did someone say it had to? Get up from it, and go on.

Someone is going to trip and fall today. Someone will continue to love Me and love the world and love himself and love those around him just the same. Someone will rise above occurrences. Let this be you, beloved. Let this be you who rises above any spills. This is how you bless the Universe.

Now, come, tell Me how your day is going.


donnahi 8th April 2008 2:24 pm

Yes this is a big day. In the order that they happened today: 1-I have joined the Oprah book club to study the book called the New Earth & someone has emailed me to discuss the book & spiritual journeys, we are meeting tomorrow; 2-I have recently relocated and am looking for work. Today I have a preliminary telephone interview for a position.
A friend called to ask for my assistance, and; 3-another friend called to offer a free workshop on the possibilities of internet businesses.
Yes it has been a great day!
Oh, and I did my Crimson Circle Homework of letting someone know that I am here as a conscious being...I am a teacher of new consciousness, and a part of Shaumbra, a classroom of the new consciousness. I am experienced with credentials of many, many lifetimes of mistakes and successes. I have chosen this path; it is not bestowed on me by another, but chosen. I am on the planet right now to enjoy life for myself, to show others that life can be joyful and loving, and you are there on Earth right now for any human who should want to hear more.
And someone gave me the thought to write a book called, The Big G - God.


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