Heaven #2836 Breathe

There is not a moment wasted. All the moments you think you waste are okay. They provide ballast for you. They are spacers. They are called for. You cannot be going full-steam every moment. You are entitled to some idle time. You are entitled to time in between. You are entitled to breathe. Perhaps no one ever told you that before. Breathe, My children, breathe.

When you consider that, in the true arena of life, time does not exist, how then can time be wasted? How can what is not and never was be wasted? Is it not a fact in the world that energy can never be wasted?

Of course, both activity and rest can be overdone. The thing is to let any complexes you have about time go by the wayside. Nonexistent time is not urgent. Substitute joy for urgency. Joy matters. This and that do not matter. Urgency is a poor substitute for joy. Of course, it's possible you do take joy in urgency. Urgency is a good pusher, that's for sure. Perhaps you favor the word "motivator" instead. Perceived urgency does give you a good kick.

Beloveds, there is no door you have to break down. There is no mountain you have to climb.

Maybe you are just wonderful right now. With all your perceived faults, maybe you are. Maybe many of the things that you think matter don't matter. Perhaps they don't matter at all. When you say they matter, they matter. If you agree they don't matter, then what is the difference if you meet a deadline or not? If you saw many things in another light, if you took them for no more than pennies in your pocket, if they were not prime, then you would be free of them. Naturally, you are the decider of how free you are.

Of course, the world will impose upon you. It likes to make it so you have no time to think or to question. The world would like to confine you, for the world itself has been confined. At any moment of perceived time, you are free to choose. I suppose you would say you are free to argue. I would say not. I would say you are free to simply choose at any moment. Do you see the difference?

You don't need to win an argument. You don't need permission to be free. You are the source of your own freedom. What the outside world gives to you is irrelevant next to what you give yourself. Be your own Daddy, and say Yes to yourself. Pour the boon of freedom upon you. Give yourself a generous allowance.

This freedom does not make you less responsible. It makes you more responsible. It leaves you free to be responsible.

Even if you are a prison inmate and every moment of your life is directed by those outside you, you are still free to choose your life. If you are one who is imprisoned, perhaps you say, "Sure, God, sure. I'm free. Which minute is that?"

You are free, beloveds, to choose who you are. Prisoner is not who you are. Guard or warden is not who someone else is either. You are consciousness, beloveds. You can be an angry heart and soul restricted to a building and a routine whether you are a prisoner or a guard. You can also be restricted to a building and a routine and be good-hearted. You can be of benefit or detriment as you choose. I know that sometimes it feels like you have no choice, yet even in a traffic jam you have choice. Wherever you are, you have choice. You can be who or what you want to be regardless of circumstance. You can do it.

You may envy the people who can walk in a meadow any time they want, and yet they are not necessarily more free than one confined to bed or to a classroom. It is you who has to free yourself, beloveds. Do it. You can do it. You can do it now.




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